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  • Tetris report Tetris Gamesud Hace 2 Años New Tetris is ready and waiting for their players. Designed in an elegant style of the game screen will not leave you bored and you'll be happy to play this wonderful game. Rules as in all other games of Tetris. Play and breaking record. Arrow keys to play, P to pause.
  • Gravity Falls - Mystery Tour Ride report Gravity Falls - Mystery Tour Ride Creetor Hace 6 Meses Wendy gave Dipper and Mabel the keys to the golf cart! You know what that means? Mystery Tour Ride. Race through the mysteries of Gravity Falls on a golf cart.
  • Gravity Guy report Gravity Guy GameGox Hace 2 Años You are the master of gravity! Reverse the polarity of the world to manipulate your surroundings to reach the end....
  • Flappy Gravity Falls report Flappy Gravity Falls 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Gravity Guy report Gravity Guy GameKos Hace 2 Años You are the master of gravity! Reverse the polarity of the world to manipulate your surroundings to reach the end....
  • Gravity Tumble report Gravity Tumble GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Rotate the maze and use gravity to guide our hero, Tumble, to his goal.&nbsp; Beware the blackholes and use the bouncing moons to your advantage. Can you solve every level and rescue the Sunchild?</p>\r\n<p><strong>CONTROLS: </strong><br />Left/Right Arrow - rotate the maze<br />Down arrow - stop the maze</p>\r\n<p><em>Tip:</em> Use the down arrow to hold the maze steady, or jump by coming to a sudden stop!</p>
  • Vertical Drop Heroes report Vertical Drop Heroes 2PG Hace 2 Años Were you born as hero? Can you literally fall down to the bo...
  • VVVVVV report VVVVVV Creetor Hace 2 Meses From the creator of Super Hexagon comes his latest creation VVVVV. VVVVVV is a platform game all about exploring one simple law of physics, gravity. Elegant, minimalistic level design. Challenging, fast and fun gameplay. Manipulate gravity to avoid dangers and make your way through increasingly challenging levels to rescue your friends! Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Gravity Driver report Gravity Driver 8Laps Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack Mystery report Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack Mystery MiniPlay Hace 3 Meses Join Dipper and Mabel in their thrilling adventure! Their uncle closed the front door by mistake, so now they can't go out and play. Find items you can combine in order to solve puzzles and make progress... Until you finally open the door!
  • Attic Stuff Golf: Gravity Falls report Attic Stuff Golf: Gravity Falls MiniPlay Hace 3 Meses In this game you'll have to put the ball through the hole in as few moves as possible. Choose between Mabel or Dipper, select a starting point and hit the ball in the right direction. Prove your accuracy!Both single-player and two-player modes are available.
  • Gswitch 3 report Gswitch 3 CrazyGames Hace 1 Mes Defy gravity in Gswitch 3, a 2D, side scrolling, action packed platformer/runner game...
  • Run 3 report Run 3 CrazyGames Hace 1 Mes Run 3 is an incredibly addicting, endless runner-type action/platforming game in...
  • Defend Your Castle report Defend Your Castle Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses This game is very addictive very simple and very fun. The basic idea is clicking stick men and throwing them up in the air to let gravity do the rest. If you cant keep up with the enemy your castle will go down. I highly recommend this one.
  • G-Switch 2 report G-Switch 2 Bofer Hace 2 Semanas Flip gravity to keep moving forward in GSwitch 2 This futuristic sequel lets you compete against 7 other players on the same device. Your mission is to run flip and leap farther than everyone else. Keep switching the direction of gravity
  • Rolling Angry Birds report Rolling Angry Birds 5Games Hace 4 Años Roll the Angry Bird to collect 3 starts and prove his love. ...
  • Gravity Racer report Gravity Racer GameKos Hace 2 Años A simple and addictive one button mulitplayer game (simulated) that everyone can enjoy. Easy to pick up and play. Sponsored by
  • Pour the Fish report Pour the Fish Gamesud Hace 2 Años We all know that fish need water to survive, but unfortunately some of the fish were no water and now they need your help. Puncture streams that lead to fish the water and help them not to die of thirst. Collect bonuses and go through the whole game. Use the Mouse to cut ground and lead the water to fish.
  • Angry Birds Space report Angry Birds Space Bofer Hace 2 Semanas Launch the Angry Birds through space to destroy evil piggies This interstellar adventure challenges you to fly through levels with zero gravity. You can orbit nearby planets to hit hardtoreach targets. Use homing birds to damage wooden structures with perfect accuracy
  • Gravity Football 2 report Gravity Football 2 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Gravity Simulator report Gravity Simulator Creetor Hace 6 Meses Online Gravity Simulator is a sandbox that let you experiment with gravity, planets, star, and asteroids to see how they interact with each other. Give them an initial push and see where it goes. Amazing simulation game that let you visual gravitational attraction in real time. Why stop there? Go ahead and simulate what we might observe if gravity deviates from a 1/r^2 law. Change the law just a little, and try to recreate the strange and famous behavior of Mercury. Throughout it all there will be beautiful and captivating pictures. So go make some worlds, and make some art. Enjoy it on Creetor.
  • Poppable Cascade report Poppable Cascade GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>A fun combination of physics and match 3 puzzle game. Click a group of matching balls and send the others tumbling!&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>Can you use physics, gravity and a little bit of luck to complete every level?</p>
  • Ninja Gravity Adventure report Ninja Gravity Adventure 8iz Hace 1 Año Help the ninja shift gravity in order to reach the portal exit in each puzzle based level. Think things through and avoid any deadly objects in this brain game.
  • Gravity Knight report Gravity Knight CrazyGames Hace 2 Semanas The castle in Gravity Knight is full of dangerous traps and surprises. Can you make...
  • Jeweltasia report Jeweltasia GameKos Hace 2 Años Welcome to Jeweltasia, a world of physics and magic! Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels, and complete 50 levels of varying challenges. The wizard will give you some much needed power-ups along the way in this gravitational collapse game!
  • Drop It report Drop It GameKos Hace 2 Años Drop It is an unusual physics game where you use different tools to drop objects around. <br />To earn points you should throw green items out of the screen and avoid droping red ones. <br /><br />Instructions: Use mouse to control tools, throw green objects out of the stage and keep red objects on the stage.<br />Every time you use a tool you loose certain amount of points.<br />Use Num 1-4 on keyboard to change tools, R to retry.
  • Treasure Snake report Treasure Snake GameGox Hace 2 Años Treasure Snake is a unique and extremely addictive physics puzzle, which includes a variety of game settings and casual mechanics. Its subtle gameplay alongside with a mellow achievement system and high score charts guarantees many hours of gaming experience and wide replayability.
  • Crusade 2 report Crusade 2 GameGox Hace 2 Años After the successful game Crusade. We now bring Crusade 2! You can create your own levels and share them with your friends
  • Neon Guy report Neon Guy GameGox Hace 2 Años Neon Guy is a one button platform game.rnrnJump over gaps, avoid enemies and master the force of gravity in your journey through 40 mind-bending levels. It is all about timing.rnrn-------------------------rnrnThis game is also available for iOS and Android (see info inside).rnrnIn case you are playing on a mobile device and have beaten all levels: Turn your device around 180° and play again upside down for a fresh challenge ;)
  • Vertical Drop Heroes report Vertical Drop Heroes 2PG Hace 3 Años This is the game from Nerdook. Nerdook is one of the most popular Flash-based browser game developers out there. He has this trademark game art as well as highly innovative gameplay. Nerdook took the action platforming to a new direction, downwards, quite...
  • The Final Boss report The Final Boss 2PG Hace 3 Años Granted with only one live and able to be accompanied by your fellow shooter, this 2 players shooting game puts you on the ultimate challenge to meat and try to defeat The Final Boss! Burst in this fast-paced action game where the force of gravity is your...
  • Smiley Collapse report Smiley Collapse 2PG Hace 2 Años Welcome to Smiley Collapse game - one fast-paced falling gam...
  • Moto Trial Fest report Moto Trial Fest Bofer Hace 2 Semanas Traverse steep mountains and drive atop gigantic cliffs in Moto Mountain Climbing With thousands of gear color combinations available you can completely customize your rider and vehicle. Defy gravity and launch your bike across interactive mountaintops
  • Donutosaur report Donutosaur Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses Help Donutosaur get his donut Collect candies by changing the shape of Donutosaur and switching the direction of gravity. Donutosaurs friends will be of great help they can push pull and destroy objects.
  • Gravitee Wars report Gravitee Wars Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses Gravitee Wars is an addictive space shooting game inspired by Artillery. You play as the red team. Use the gravity and kill all of the other colored teams to win. Click and drag to aim and shoot. The blue line shows where your shot will go.
  • Negative Space report Negative Space Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses Navigate gravity antigravity explosive impulses and interstellar weirdness in Negative Space. Youll have to fight your way back to Earth through 18 levels of elegant physics and art inspired by the golden age of scifi in the 40s 50s and 60s. The densemass anomaly drags you offcourse with the gravity of several suns. The repulsar tosses you back in a mess of scattered particles. The Geodesic Safety Tether keeps you from spiraling into the Void but always seems to yank you back at the wrong time. And the way these impulse cannons are laid out well its almost like a race track. Enjoy this odd spare inverted retrofuture fantasy of exploration.
  • The Orbit Game report The Orbit Game BubuGames Hace 2 Meses Try and make the satellite last as long as you can without hitting a star so we can collect as much information about the stars as possible
  • Dummy Crusher report Dummy Crusher Mankiz Hace 2 Años Launch missiles at Ragdoll dummies in this awesome physics game! Dummy Crusher is a super addictive puzzle game with a very simple objective: Launch missiles at all the ragdolls that explode in a pile of blood! Get all sorts of different weapons and use them against the dummies! How far can you make it in this challenging game? Good luck!
  • Gravity Guy report Gravity Guy 4J Hace 5 Meses Gravity Guy is an amazing multiplayer platform game. Reverse the gravitation and assist that small dude to get to the end. Run fast and have a good time!
  • Move the Bolt report Move the Bolt Gamesud Hace 2 Años Slide the bolts and give sweet stranger to collect all the stars on the levels. This puzzle game will make your brain work. Solve all the logic puzzles and beat the game. Help dear stranger in his exciting journey. Use the Mouse to click the bolt.
  • e3D Intergalactic Capture report e3D Intergalactic Capture Bored Hace 10 Meses During an intergalactic space voyage our spaceship was attacked and captured by aliens! The lifeboat is the only escape. The creatures will spare no human life. Lets play!Need Help? Go to the Walkthrough Guide - Click here Use your Mouse to point &amp; click on the scenes. Find and pick up objects to use to helpn your escape. Combine items in your inventory to create new useful items. Good luck!n
  • Tiny Ship Full report Tiny Ship Full GameKos Hace 2 Años Challenge your mental reflexes with Tiny Ship, a fun physics based game where your ultimate goal is to help tiny ship reach his teleportation portal in 20 unique and mind bending levels. With an array of different obstacles , traps , and force altering magnets, you\'ll have a blast while exploring and figuring out each of Tiny Ship\'s 20 addicting levels.Are you ready for the challenge ?
  • Sugar, Sugar 2 report Sugar, Sugar 2 Bofer Hace 2 Semanas Draw paths to guide sugar granules into their respective cups Lead color and teleport the sugar toward their goals and fill each cup with at least 100 grains. You will advance when all of the mugs are brimming. Harness the power of gravity in each level
  • Gravity Shifter report Gravity Shifter Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses Long long ago in a land far far away there was a circle. This circle had a strange ability to change the flow of gravity. Join this Hero as he adventures threw a land filled with Spikes Mazes and Danger.
  • The Ball Adventure report The Ball Adventure Gamesud Hace 2 Años Ball need your help. Send it on its way to avoid the pitfalls and prepyatsviya. Help the ball collect all the required items and bonuses and complete all levels. Good luck! Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to continue, Enter to restart.
  • Gravitee Wars report Gravitee Wars GameGox Hace 2 Años Battle for control of the galaxy in this space based artillery game based on the Gravitee series of games. Slingshot your missiles around planets to destroy your enemy and utilize the 10 different weapons and utilities available. As you progress you’ll earn up to 50 different awards, and 21 different rewards. Upgrade your team as you earn money by improving your unit’s health and accuracy or by buying extra units for your team.
  • Spirit Shift report Spirit Shift Gamesud Hace 2 Años Use an uncanny ability to move the magic shapes consciousness and solve all the logic puzzles that will give you a game. Use your brain and then you can go through this game full of tasks and puzzles. Use the Mouse to click and remove shapes, or to transfer souls.
  • Candy Thieves report Candy Thieves 5Games Hace 2 Años Help the Candy Thieves, cute little kittens, to eat all cand...
  • Red Menace 2 report Red Menace 2 5Games Hace 3 Años Stop the Red Menace 2 by removing shapes and landing the har...
  • Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack report Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack 5Games Hace 3 Años The entire animal world has fall under strange disease and n...
  • Go Candy Go report Go Candy Go 5Games Hace 2 Años Throw a candy in this puzzling game of collecting stars and ...
  • Gravity Guy report Gravity Guy 8iz Hace 1 Mes Shift gravity as you move from platform to platform. Avoid the deadly acid below.
  • Lizard Cannon report Lizard Cannon BubuGames Hace 6 Meses Funny physic based game. Shoot the lizard out of a cannon and break all the bottles. Good graphics, 30 levels. You can collect poweups which change the gravity of the level. if you need to get some bottles which are out of reach. Use what\'s in the level to your advantage. You will need skill and a good brain to beat all 30 levels!
  • Water Drops report Water Drops 5Games Hace 3 Años Within few seconds you are obligated to guide the little dro...
  • Apple Hunter report Apple Hunter GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Make the hedgehogs roll over in the right direction turning static items into dynamic ones to collect all the apples avoiding the bad spikes! Different bonuses that they meet on the way change their size and break all the gravity rules! The fewer clicks you make the higher score you will get!</p>
  • Logic Worm report Logic Worm Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses A zerostress puzzle game A real adventure Use your logic to push the blocks which can fall by gravity effect eat all the fruits and reach the exit to the next level. But please Be careful not to entrap yourself you cant move back
  • Space Gravity Game 2 report Space Gravity Game 2 Like a Gamer Hace 8 Meses The unique space simulator with a realistic physical model. Collect prizes design the optimal trajectory. Can you pass game having spent a minimum of fuel
  • Max Damage 3 report Max Damage 3 5Games Hace 4 Años Back with new ammo, improved physics, more expensive and fra...
  • Cut It report Cut It 5Games Hace 3 Años It is up to you to bring droplets of life in this colorless,...
  • Take Me Home report Take Me Home 5Games Hace 3 Años Draw lines and Take Me Home, said wacky Bob. Your role is to...
  • Gravity Physics Defence report Gravity Physics Defence Zdoz Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • Rico Ninja report Rico Ninja 5Games Hace 4 Años The ninja clan was living a good and peaceful life till evil...
  • Hold your Ground report Hold your Ground 5Games Hace 4 Años Good morning soldier! Ready to Hold your Ground by building ...
  • Push It report Push It 5Games Hace 3 Años Transform any shape that could aid you to eliminate the red ...
  • Demon Destroyer 2 report Demon Destroyer 2 5Games Hace 3 Años In perfect time for Halloween, the Demon Destroyer 2 is back...
  • Super Tetris report Super Tetris Gamesud Hace 2 Años All we are playing this wonderful game called Tetris. Before your next representative of the games in this genre, and the whole game is made ??in the style of ancient Egypt. Rules are the same, collect the cubes in neat rows and get points for it. Arrow keys to play, P to pause.
  • Fires Revenge report Fires Revenge 5Games Hace 4 Años Fire has been the most useful, but also most dangerous eleme...
  • Cat Food report Cat Food 5Games Hace 4 Años Everyone knows that cat loves to eat fish. Especially this l...
  • Invertion report Invertion GameGox Hace 2 Años You have only one desire: escape. Discover unique game mechanics while you progress through the obstacles an evil AI put in your way.<br /><br />Invertion is a challenging puzzle platformer game. You\'ll need all your skills to finish this Portal inspired adventure.
  • Tetrix 2 report Tetrix 2 5Games Hace 4 Años Back with improved gameplay, polished graphics and aligned s...
  • Super Stacker 2 report Super Stacker 2 5Games Hace 4 Años Get ready to start stacking squares, rectangles and even tri...
  • 600 Cuts report 600 Cuts 5Games Hace 2 Años Make approximately 600 Cuts to complete all puzzles in this ...
  • Sheap's Adventure report Sheap's Adventure 5Games Hace 3 Años Your current state as sheep motivates you to find another sh...
  • Candy Balance report Candy Balance 5Games Hace 3 Años Use plenty of sugared platforms and delicious shapes in orde...
  • Mr. Bazooka report Mr. Bazooka Gamesud Hace 2 Años Allow me to introduce Mr. Bazooka. Mr. Bazooka loves to fight armed with his formidable weapon. Help him win another great battle directing his formidable weapon at enemies. Feel the power in your hands. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Eat the Candy report Eat the Candy 5Games Hace 3 Años Release the hungry monster to get and eat all candies on sig...
  • Poopies Trigger Happy report Poopies Trigger Happy 5Games Hace 3 Años Load the cannons, adjust the aim and shoot down all happy po...
  • Fishing Humans report Fishing Humans 5Games Hace 3 Años Grab the brain extracting hook and head downtown for some Fi...
  • Mate report Mate 5Games Hace 3 Años Be a kind gentlemen by helping out your Mates to get togethe...
  • Gravity Launch report Gravity Launch MiniPlay Hace 3 Meses Calculate the angle and force of the launch and send this rocket to the space station. Take the gravity of the planets into account.
  • Snowman Siege report Snowman Siege 5Games Hace 3 Años Just in time for Christmas, here comes a Snowmen Siege with ...
  • Monsters In The Dark report Monsters In The Dark 5Games Hace 3 Años Use your physics knowledge to get rid of all Monsters in thi...
  • Bolt Through report Bolt Through GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Addictive, polished and casual friendly gravity altering race game, with several different modes for added replay value.</p><br /><p>Controls: SPACE to switch gravity.</p><br /><p>P = Pause.</p><br /><p>M = Mute (sound).</p><br /><p>Esc = Quit to Menu.</p>
  • Bolt Through report Bolt Through 5Games Hace 4 Años In this super fast pixelated game you act as runner that col...
  • Pig Rescue report Pig Rescue 5Games Hace 3 Años Shatter crates, dig thru tiles and guide the little piggies ...
  • Let the Bullet Fly 3 report Let the Bullet Fly 3 5Games Hace 3 Años Armed with an old pistol, you are about to stand against all...
  • Pirates Time2: Fans Pack report Pirates Time2: Fans Pack 5Games Hace 4 Años Set the sails mate and get ready for another pirating advent...
  • Army Stacker report Army Stacker 5Games Hace 3 Años Stack your soldiers and prepare for war, or at least a physi...
  • G-Switch report G-Switch GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Frenetic gravity inversion action platformer for the solo player, or up to 6 players on one keyboard!</p>
  • Chicken House 2 report Chicken House 2 5Games Hace 4 Años Angry feeling, ugly looking, full with vengeance chickens ar...
  • Zombie Demolisher report Zombie Demolisher 5Games Hace 3 Años Can you choose the right bombs for causing a total destructi...
  • Rolly Birds report Rolly Birds 5Games Hace 2 Años Motivated by Rolling Stones and always being Angry, here com...
  • Blob and Block 2 report Blob and Block 2 5Games Hace 3 Años The clumsy green Blob is back for more gish-based physics! B...
  • Monsters vs Evil report Monsters vs Evil 5Games Hace 4 Años For many centuries now, all monsters were considered as evil...
  • Awesome Builder report Awesome Builder 5Games Hace 4 Años Stack shapes and create huge piles of objects so you could f...
  • Tetri Tower report Tetri Tower 5Games Hace 4 Años In Tetri Tower your job is to build the highest tower by usi...
  • Tetris Jungle report Tetris Jungle 5Games Hace 4 Años Welcome to the jungle, or better said the Tetris Jungle! Enj...
  • Escaping Ben report Escaping Ben 5Games Hace 4 Años Greetings earthling! This strange alike world that you are t...
  • Be The Bee report Be The Bee GameGox Hace 2 Años Help the bee get to the hive, if there is a flower or honey in the way, take them before you go to the hive.rnbeware of the spiders and dragons, do not hit the walls.rnUse Arrows to move
  • Earthmeats, Explore! report Earthmeats, Explore! GameGox Hace 2 Años rnrnYou are in charge of the newly established American Space Exploration Program. Your job is to launch volunteer Earthmeats into new and fascinating worlds! With your cooperation we will discover planets, embrace Manifest Destiny, and defeat Communist Russia!rnrnClick the mouse to launch a space ship. Extra ships are awarded for every 5 discoveries and for high scoring combos. Use gravity to weave between planets and explore the solar system! When you have launched, click the mouse to steer the ship at the cost of extra fuel. Press P to pause the game and change sound volume.
  • Photon Zone report Photon Zone GameGox Hace 2 Años Use the mouse to click and drag a photon. Drop it from the top of the screen down a chute. Try to get the photons to fall into their matching colored wormholes to complete a phase and move onto the next one. You can click a shell at any time, as long as it\'s not already in a wormhole.
  • Bubble It report Bubble It GameKos Hace 2 Años Make matches of 4 bubbles in this unique matching game. Change the center of gravity to move all balls around it, do this strategically and make as much same colored collections.rnrnClick on any ball to transform it into the center of gravity, all other balls will move in it\'s direction.
  • Swapsters report Swapsters 5Games Hace 3 Años Your role as Swapsters is to Swap all sorts of things until ...
  • Cover Orange Journey Knights report Cover Orange Journey Knights 5Games Hace 3 Años Sucked into another dimension, the Cover Orange are about to...
  • Gravity Den report Gravity Den 5Games Hace 3 Años Shift thru gravity whilst jumping on bumps and traveling in ...
  • Mummies Escape report Mummies Escape 5Games Hace 3 Años Help Tom and Bob to get rid of the scary mummies whilst they...
  • Ragdoll Launcher report Ragdoll Launcher GameKos Hace 2 Años Shoot with your cannon the Ragdoll as far as possible. Earn money to buy upgrades. It takes a longtime to get all upgrades, achievements and ending the Ragdoll into the graveyard.rnrnControls:rnMouse = Aim and fire/ Use gun/ Use rocket/ Use zero-g (no gravity)
  • ENERGRAV report ENERGRAV GameGox Hace 2 Años Unique new game play aim is to Light up all the Lamps by hitting them with a ball. its not easy as it sounds the trick is to bounce the ball of a wall and then hit the lamps to activate them. direct hits don\'t count. Very Addicting Physics puzzle game...
  • Energy Physics report Energy Physics 5Games Hace 4 Años Energy Physic is a cool game in which you will use your phys...
  • Earthmeats, Explore! report Earthmeats, Explore! GameKos Hace 2 Años rnrnYou are in charge of the newly established American Space Exploration Program. Your job is to launch volunteer Earthmeats into new and fascinating worlds! With your cooperation we will discover planets, embrace Manifest Destiny, and defeat Communist Russia!rnrnClick the mouse to launch a space ship. Extra ships are awarded for every 5 discoveries and for high scoring combos. Use gravity to weave between planets and explore the solar system! When you have launched, click the mouse to steer the ship at the cost of extra fuel. Press P to pause the game and change sound volume.
  • Photon Zone report Photon Zone GameKos Hace 2 Años Use the mouse to click and drag a photon. Drop it from the top of the screen down a chute. Try to get the photons to fall into their matching colored wormholes to complete a phase and move onto the next one. You can click a shell at any time, as long as it\'s not already in a wormhole.
  • Qubilz report Qubilz 5Games Hace 3 Años Once upon a time, there was a superior sky-reaching race of ...
  • Aliens Like Milk report Aliens Like Milk 5Games Hace 3 Años Nowadays, Aliens Like Milk more than abducting humans, so yo...
  • Dive report Dive GameKos Hace 2 Años Avoid hitting the top of the screen as you fall down, collect coins and nomnom power-ups in this fancy and exciting game. With three difficulty levels and a free run mode.
  • G-Switch report G-Switch GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Frenetic gravity inversion action platformer for the solo player, or up to 6 players on one keyboard!</p>
  • Greenator Reloaded report Greenator Reloaded GameGox Hace 2 Años Greenator is back with more fun and addicting levels. This time levels are less timing dependent and more thought provoking. Greenator Reloaded is based on a unique concept that when blue and yellow balls touch each other, they transform into green balls . There is more to the story. Play to find out :) Check out the walkthrough if you get stuck.
  • Ugly Towers report Ugly Towers 5Games Hace 3 Años When you dare to use ugly looking shapes for reaching to hea...
  • Angry Aliens report Angry Aliens GameKos Hace 2 Años The humans try to build on planet Moana. But the aliens will not let this happen. It is your job to help the aliens with destroying the buildings of the humans.
  • Run 2 report Run 2 GameKos Hace 2 Años Right and left keys to move, space to jump, p to pause. Touch a wall to rotate the level.rnControls can be changed by clicking “controls” in the main menu.
  • Gravity Football Euro 2012 report Gravity Football Euro 2012 GameKos Hace 2 Años Use any of the 16 qualified national teams or play a quick match against the CPU.rnrnFeatures:rn- Innovative and challenging gameplayrn- Group Stage (4 Groups)rn- Knockout Stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final)rn- Sudden death with golden goal in Knockout Stagern- 3 difficulty levelsrn- Play against 2 coordinated CPU players in advanced levelsrn- 14 achievementsrn- Quick match against the CPUrn- 2012 Euro Cup groups or random groupsrn- 16 national teamsrn - Croatiarn - Czech Republicrn - Denmarkrn - Englandrn - Francern - Germanyrn - Greecern - Italyrn - Netherlandsrn - Polandrn - Portugalrn - Republic of Irelandrn - Russiarn - Spainrn - Swedenrn - Ukrainernrn rnAre you up for the challenge?rn
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    1. 112
    2. 18 Wheeler
    3. 2 Jugadores
    4. 3D
    5. 4x4
    6. 8 Ball
    7. 9 Ball
  2. A

    1. Abeja
    2. Abuela
    3. Acción
    4. Ace
    5. Action 3D
    6. Actualización
    7. Acuario
    8. Adivinar
    9. Aeropuerto
    10. Age
    11. Agua
    12. Ahorcado
    13. Aim
    14. Air Force
    15. Air Strike
    16. Air Traffic
    17. Air War
    18. Aire
    19. Airline
    20. Airplane Parking
    21. Ajedrez
    22. Alienígena
    23. Alquimia
    24. Ambulancia
    25. Ambush
    26. Amor
    27. Anagrama
    28. Angel
    29. Animal
    30. Anime
    31. Ant
    32. Aparcamiento
    33. Apilador
    34. Araña
    35. Arcade
    36. Arcoiris
    37. Arena
    38. Arma
    39. Arquero
    40. Arrastrar
    41. Arte
    42. Ascensor
    43. Asfalto
    44. Asteroides
    45. Asylum
    46. Ataque
    47. ATV
    48. Aula
    49. Autobús
    50. Autobús Escolar
    51. Automóvil
    52. Aventura
    53. Avión
  3. B

    1. Baby Care
    2. Backgammon
    3. Bad
    4. Bádminton
    5. Bailar
    6. Baile De Graduación
    7. Bakery
    8. Ballet
    9. Baloncesto
    10. Banana
    11. Banda
    12. Baño
    13. Baño De Bebé
    14. Bar
    15. Barco
    16. Batalla
    17. Bath
    18. Battleship
    19. Beat 'Em Up
    20. Beauty Salon
    21. Bebé
    22. Béisbol
    23. Belleza
    24. Besar
    25. Bicho
    26. Bicicleta
    27. Bike Race
    28. Billar
    29. Billar Americano
    30. Bloques
    31. BMX
    32. Boda
    33. Bolos
    34. Bombardeo
    35. Bomber
    36. Bonito
    37. Bote
    38. Botes
    39. Bow & Arrow
    40. Boxeo
    41. Boyfriend
    42. Brain Training
    43. Brick
    44. Bruja
    45. Bunny
    46. Burbujas
    47. Bus Parking
    48. Buscar
    49. Búsqueda
  4. C

    1. Caballero
    2. Caballo
    3. Cabeza
    4. Caco
    5. Café
    6. Cafetería
    7. Caja
    8. Calle
    9. Camarera
    10. Cambio
    11. Cambio De Imagen
    12. Camión
    13. Camión De Bomberos
    14. Camping
    15. Campo De Batalla
    16. Canica
    17. Cañón
    18. Caos
    19. Capucha
    20. Car Parking
    21. Car Racing
    22. Caracol
    23. Cárcel
    24. Cargo
    25. Carrera De Camiones
    26. Carreras
    27. Carreras De Arrastre
    28. Carreras De Motor
    29. Carretera
    30. Carretilla Elevadora
    31. Carrot
    32. Cartas
    33. Cartoon
    34. Casa
    35. Castillo
    36. Catapulta
    37. Cazar
    38. Celebridad
    39. Cena
    40. Centro Comercial
    41. Cheerleader
    42. Cheese
    43. Chef
    44. Chicken
    45. Chicos
    46. Chocolate
    47. Choque
    48. Ciclismo
    49. Cielo
    50. Ciempiés
    51. Circuit Racing
    52. Circus
    53. Cirugía
    54. Citas
    55. City Racing
    56. Ciudad
    57. Civilización
    58. Clash
    59. Coche
    60. Cocina
    61. Cocinar
    62. Coger
    63. Cohete
    64. Coincidencia
    65. Collapse
    66. Colony
    67. Colorear
    68. Comando
    69. Combate
    70. Comic
    71. Comida
    72. Comida Rápida
    73. Compras
    74. Conducción
    75. Conectar
    76. Conejo
    77. Conflicto Armado
    78. Construcción
    79. Cookies
    80. Cool
    81. Corazones
    82. Correr
    83. Cortar
    84. Cowboy
    85. Craft
    86. Crecer
    87. Cricket
    88. Crimen
    89. Criminal
    90. Cristal
    91. Crucigrama
    92. Crush
    93. Cube
    94. Cuchillo
    95. Cuidado
    96. Cuidado De Niños
    97. Cultivar
    98. Cupcake
    99. Cupid
    100. Customize
  5. D

    1. Dado
    2. Damas
    3. Dardos
    4. Dash
    5. Daycare
    6. Decoración
    7. Defensa
    8. Delfín
    9. Delivery
    10. Demolición
    11. Dentista
    12. Deportes
    13. Derby
    14. Derrape
    15. Desierto
    16. Destruir
    17. Detective
    18. Devil
    19. Diamantes
    20. Dibujar
    21. Diferencia
    22. Dinamita
    23. Dinosaurio
    24. Dios
    25. Diseño
    26. Disparar
    27. Divertido
    28. Diving
    29. DJ
    30. Dominó
    31. Donut
    32. Dormitorio
    33. Dots
    34. Downhill
    35. Dragón
    36. Dress Up
    37. Drumming
    38. Dulce
    39. Dummy
  6. E

    1. Earn
    2. Edificio
    3. Educativo
    4. Ejército
    5. Elephant
    6. Emo
    7. Empollón
    8. Encontrar
    9. Enfadado
    10. Enfermera
    11. Enfermo
    12. Epic
    13. Equilibrio
    14. Equipo
    15. Escape
    16. Escuela
    17. Espacio
    18. Espada
    19. Espadas
    20. Espartano
    21. Espeluznante
    22. Espiar
    23. Estallido
    24. Estrategia
    25. Estrella Pop
    26. Evil
    27. Evitar
    28. Evolution
    29. Examen
    30. Excavador
  7. F

    1. Fábrica
    2. Fairy Dress Up
    3. Familia
    4. Fantasía
    5. Fantasma
    6. Fashion Show
    7. Feliz
    8. Ferrocarril
    9. Fiesta
    10. Firefighter
    11. Fireworks
    12. First Person Shooter
    13. Física
    14. Flight Simulator
    15. Flirting
    16. Flor
    17. Fluir
    18. FMX
    19. Forest
    20. Foto
    21. Francotirador
    22. Free Running
    23. Freecell
    24. Frenesí
    25. Friend
    26. Frog
    27. Fruta
    28. Fuego
    29. Fuerzas
    30. Fútbol
    31. Fútbol Americano
  8. G

    1. Galaxia
    2. Gángster
    3. Garra
    4. Gato
    5. Gema
    6. Gestión
    7. Gestión Del Tiempo
    8. Gigante
    9. Gimnasio
    10. Gladiador
    11. Globo
    12. Goalkeeper
    13. Goat
    14. Gold Mine
    15. Golf
    16. Grand
    17. Gravedad
    18. Grúa
    19. Guerra
    20. Guitarra
    21. Gusano
  9. H

    1. Habilidad
    2. Habitaciones
    3. Hablar
    4. Hada
    5. Hair Salon
    6. Halloween
    7. Hamburguesa
    8. Hamster
    9. Haunted
    10. Helado
    11. Helicóptero
    12. Héroe
    13. Hielo
    14. High School
    15. Highway
    16. Hockey
    17. Hockey De Mesa
    18. Hockey Sobre Hielo
    19. Hogar
    20. Hombre
    21. Hombre Lobo
    22. Hornear
    23. Horror
    24. Horse Racing
    25. Horse Riding
    26. Hospital
    27. Hotel
    28. Huevo
    29. Huída
  10. I

    1. Imán
    2. Imperio
    3. Indio
    4. Infierno
    5. Invasor
    6. Investigación
    7. Invierno
    8. Isla
  11. J

    1. Jardín
    2. Jeep
    3. Jefe
    4. Jelly
    5. Jet
    6. Jet fighter
    7. Jet Pack
    8. Job
    9. Joya
    10. Juegos De Mesa
    11. Jungle
  12. K

    1. Karate
    2. Kart
    3. Kick
    4. King
    5. King Fu
    6. Kitten
  13. L

    1. Laberinto
    2. Lanzamiento
    3. Lanzar
    4. Laundry
    5. Leyenda
    6. Limpiar
    7. Limpieza De Cutis
    8. Line
    9. Lion
    10. Lobo
    11. Loco
    12. Locura
    13. Lógica
    14. Lucha
  14. M

    1. Maestro
    2. Mafia
    3. Magia
    4. Mahjong
    5. Mamá
    6. Manager
    7. Manga
    8. Mania
    9. Manicure
    10. Mansion
    11. Manzana
    12. Maquillaje
    13. Mar
    14. Mariposa
    15. Masa
    16. Mascotas
    17. Massage
    18. Match 3
    19. Matemáticas
    20. Máxima Puntuación
    21. Mazmorra
    22. Mecanografía
    23. Médico
    24. Medieval
    25. Memoria
    26. Mente
    27. Meteorito
    28. Metro
    29. Militar
    30. Millonario
    31. Mina
    32. Mini
    33. Minigolf
    34. Misión
    35. Misterio
    36. MMO
    37. MMORPG
    38. Moda
    39. Moneda
    40. Money
    41. Mono
    42. Monster Truck
    43. Monstruo
    44. Montaña Rusa
    45. Moto Enduro
    46. Motocicleta
    47. Motocross
    48. Motosierra
    49. Muerto Viviente
    50. Multijugador
    51. Mummy
    52. Muñeca
    53. Muñeca De Trapo
    54. Música
    55. Mutant
    56. Mystic
  15. N

    1. Nadar
    2. Nail Salon
    3. Nave Espacial
    4. Navidad
    5. Navy
    6. Negocio
    7. Nieve
    8. Ninja
    9. Niños
    10. Novia
    11. Números Ocultos
  16. O

    1. Objetos Ocultos
    2. Off Road
    3. Oficina
    4. Ojo
    5. Olimpiadas
    6. Operación
    7. Oro
    8. Oso
    9. OVNI
  17. P

    1. Paciencia
    2. Paintball
    3. Pájaro
    4. Palabra
    5. Paliza
    6. Panda
    7. Pandémico
    8. Papa
    9. Paper Plane
    10. Para Niñas
    11. Paracaídas
    12. Paratrooper
    13. Pareja
    14. Parkour
    15. Pascua
    16. Patinaje
    17. Pato
    18. Pecho
    19. Pedo
    20. Pelea
    21. Pelo
    22. Pelota
    23. Peludo
    24. Peluquera
    25. Penalti
    26. Perrito Caliente
    27. Perro
    28. Pesado
    29. Pesca
    30. Phone
    31. Piano
    32. Pies
    33. Pig
    34. Piloto
    35. Pinball
    36. Ping Pong
    37. Pingüino
    38. Pintar
    39. Pipe
    40. Piraña
    41. Pirata
    42. Pistola
    43. Pixel
    44. Pizza
    45. Plaga
    46. Plan
    47. Planeta
    48. Planta
    49. Plasma
    50. Plataforma
    51. Playa
    52. Point & Click
    53. Poli
    54. Police Car
    55. Policía
    56. Poni
    57. Popcorn
    58. Portal
    59. Power
    60. Pregnant
    61. Primavera
    62. Prince
    63. Princesa
    64. Prisión
    65. Protect
    66. Prueba
    67. Prueba De Amor
    68. Puente
    69. Puppy
    70. Puzle
    71. Puzle Móvil
    72. Pyramid
  18. Q

    1. Quad
    2. Queen
  19. R

    1. Racing Car
    2. Rally
    3. Rampage
    4. Rápido
    5. Rat
    6. Ratón
    7. Rebotar
    8. Recoger
    9. Reino
    10. Remolque
    11. Rescatar
    12. Resort
    13. Restaurante
    14. Revólver
    15. Robot
    16. Rock
    17. Romántico
    18. Rome
    19. Rompecabezas
    20. Room Decoration
    21. Ropa
    22. RPG
    23. Rugby
    24. Runner
    25. Rush
  20. S

    1. Sailing
    2. Salón
    3. Saltar
    4. Samurai
    5. Santa
    6. Scramble
    7. Sendero
    8. Serpiente
    9. Servir
    10. Sheep
    11. Shoe
    12. Shoot 'Em Up
    13. Shootout
    14. Shot
    15. Simulación
    16. Sirena
    17. Skate
    18. Skull
    19. Skydiving
    20. Slacking
    21. Slice
    22. Smashing
    23. Snooker
    24. Snowball
    25. Snowboard
    26. Soccer
    27. Social
    28. Soldado
    29. Solitario
    30. Sopa De Letras
    31. Spa
    32. Speed Car
    33. Spelling
    34. Spider Solitaire
    35. Spot The Difference
    36. Star
    37. Stickman
    38. Store
    39. Story
    40. Strike
    41. Stunt Bike
    42. Stunt Driving
    43. Stunt Pilot
    44. Stunts
    45. Stylist
    46. Submarino
    47. Subsuelo
    48. Sugar
    49. Sumo
    50. Súper
    51. Superhéroe
    52. Supermercado
    53. Supervivencia
    54. Surf
    55. Sushi
    56. SWAT
  21. T

    1. Taco
    2. Tanque
    3. Tarta
    4. Tatuaje
    5. Taxi
    6. Teen
    7. Teeth
    8. Temple
    9. Tenis
    10. Tesoro
    11. Thief
    12. Tiburón
    13. Tic Tac Toe
    14. Tiger
    15. Tirador
    16. Tiro Libre
    17. Titán
    18. Toilet
    19. Tonto
    20. Tornado
    21. Torre
    22. Tortita
    23. Tortuga
    24. Tower Defense
    25. Town
    26. Toy
    27. Tractor
    28. Tráfico
    29. Train
    30. Trivia
    31. Troll
    32. Truck Parking
    33. Turbo
    34. Turnos
    35. Twins
    36. Tycoon
  22. U

    1. Unicornio
    2. Unity
    3. Uñas
    4. Urban
  23. V

    1. Vaca
    2. Vacaciones
    3. Valentine
    4. Vampiro
    5. Velocidad
    6. Verano
    7. Vestido
    8. Vida
    9. Vikingo
    10. Village
    11. Virtual
    12. Virus
    13. Volar
    14. Voleibol
    15. Vuelo
  24. W

    1. Warrior
    2. Wedding Cake
    3. Wedding Dress Up
    4. Western
    5. Wizard
    6. Word Search
  25. Z

    1. Zombi
    2. Zombie Shooter
    3. Zoo
    4. Zorro