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  • Zombie Invaders 2 report Zombie Invaders 2 GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Survive against a crowd of the zombies and others monster.</p>\r\n<p>You must destroy tombs and collect skulls. Earn weapons and other bonuses!</p>\r\n<p>Move left and right with the mouse and hold the mouse button to shoot.</p>
  • Outerspatial report Outerspatial JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Human colonies are under attack! Defend your species against the aliens in this fast-paced strategy game, creating ships and earning experience to defeat the attacking forces.
  • Armada V report Armada V Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Use your left and right arrows to move and your up key to shoot. Your down key refreshes your health. Special keys including Z X and C give you special shooting abilities. This is a fun take on the classic Space Invaders. There are 20 levels waiting for you so have a marvelous time playing Armada V
  • Colorful Invaders report Colorful Invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años Fight the colorful invaders and their big bosses in this not-so-classical arcade shooter!rnrnInstructionsrnUse the mouse cursor to move your spaceship. Press the spacebar or the left mouse button to make your bullets change color. Press 1, 2 and 3 to change weapon.
  • Inverse Invaders report Inverse Invaders 4J Hace 2 Meses Inverse Invaders is a modern remake of the classic Space Invaders arcade game. The catch here is that you are not in control of the Earth defender ship, instead you control the numerous army of alien invaders! By clicking on an alien ship you order it to shoot. Each kind of invader has it's own shooting capability, so it's up to you to find out the best strategy to win the game. It's time for you to get in control of your invader army and show those Earthlings a lesson.
  • Meme Invaders report Meme Invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años Meme Invaders is a space invaders clone based on famous internet memes. You control Pedo Bear and you have to defeat other meme characters to get the highest scores. rnThe gameplay reflects the classic arcade game, so you face infinite waves of enemies getting faster and more aggressive as the game goes on.rnrnGame made by Lowpoly Studios and sponsored by AskFlashGames
  • Galaxy Invaders report Galaxy Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Space Cadet Shooter report Space Cadet Shooter JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Become a pilot in the war for the alliance against the evil dominion.
  • Alien Invaders report Alien Invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Kill the invaders, space invader style! How many levels can you survive as more and more waves of aliens come. Collect upgrades to boost your health and try and defeat the evil aliens.&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>Click on the spaceship to start, move it with your mouse and click to fire.</p>
  • Armor Hero Defend Homeland report Armor Hero Defend Homeland Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses This is a game of Armor Hero series. In this game the brave Armor Hero need to shoot invaders to defend homeland.
  • Space Invaders report Space Invaders Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Mega Mechs 2 report Mega Mechs 2 Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses 10 years are passed since humans defeated alien invaders with the Mega Mechs robots. Now they are back And they use giant robots against us Build powerful new Mega Mechs to fight them in epic battles and try to send back them to their planet definitely
  • Dawn Of An Empire report Dawn Of An Empire 7Age Hace 1 Año Defend against invading barbarians and conquer an entire empire You can send soldiers archers and horseback warriors to defeat the enemy. Prevent the invaders from reaching your base and help your empire grow. Use the correct troops to dominate the opposition
  • Physics Invader report Physics Invader Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Space Invaders clone with real physics Shoot down alien ships and push their wreckage off of the stage.
  • Dinosaurus Invade 2 report Dinosaurus Invade 2 Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Joes Last Stand report Joes Last Stand 8Shooter Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Space Invaders Bubble Shooter report Space Invaders Bubble Shooter Awky Hace 2 Años Remember the Classic Space Invaders Game, well Space Invaders is back with a brand new game, Shoot to match up 3 or more Invaders and they will drop, hurry or they could take over the game.
  • Berzerker Stick report Berzerker Stick Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Eliminate the invading blue stickmen threat Take the role of Blaze and use your 10th Weapon powers to decimate the enemy
  • B17 UFOs Crusher report B17 UFOs Crusher Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses The Zorg Empire is invading earth crush those UFOs 20 levels filled with action
  • Third Kingdom report Third Kingdom Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Play the role of General Liu Bei and take control of an army and defend yourself against a massive invading forces in this strategy game Third Kingdom Build towers plant crops and make your land prosperous as it will be the backbone of your army.
  • The Giant Robot Versus Mars Invaders report The Giant Robot Versus Mars Invaders 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Rune Invaders report Rune Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Rock the runes to incinerate the invaders! Line up 3 or more matching pieces to clear them from the board.
  • Viking Land report Viking Land Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Evil monsters are coming to invade your land. Help the vikings to defend by building towers and using traps. Earn money and upgrade towers.
  • Mech Defender report Mech Defender 2-Play Hace 1 Año Shoot all of the invaders to protect your base Living on Mars you must save all of the energy cores from harmful monsters. You can build cannons and fire lasers to shoot every wave of enemies. Protect at least one core to advance
  • Star Crash report Star Crash Gamesud Hace 2 Años Sit in your color spaceship and destroy flying at you different objects. Blast them and earn points. Destroy all bubbles and cubes to complete the whole game. Arrow keys to move, Space bar to shoot.
  • Desert Squad 3D report Desert Squad 3D Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses 3D First Person Shooter set in a desert military base Control the area and eliminate invading enemy squad units to successfully defend your base.
  • Ultimate Force report Ultimate Force Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses A group of terrorists called Tigers have invaded a city. You are part of Ultimate Forces fighting against the renegade. Your Mission Eliminate Terror Threat
  • Destroy the Castle report Destroy the Castle 7Age Hace 1 Año Enemies have just installed in your castle territory which can cause a great war when they will bring the whole army here. Therefore it is your mission to demolish the castle and soldiers that invaded you.Use mouse to the direction and strength of the projectile click Close
  • Stick Invader report Stick Invader BubbleBox Hace 3 Semanas Aliens have invaded the sticks! Oh my! Stick invader is a fun game where you play as aliens doing what they do best: kill stick figures! Find out the correct order in which to click everything to win! Good luck!
  • Space Invaders 3D report Space Invaders 3D Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Space Invaders 3D is an original space arcade game that will bring back memories of the past.
  • iR obot report iR obot Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Bad obots are coming They crave more RAM faster CPU and better IDE cards. Place and upgrade defense towers to defeat the invading robots.
  • Star Defender 4 report Star Defender 4 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Efface Space Invaders in the graphical masterpiece Star Defender 4.
  • Dacia Defence report Dacia Defence Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses You must use your tactical awareness to defeat the waves of enemies invading your territory see how long you can hold them out for buy upgrades and make sure you have enough cash for repairs and new items
  • Last Mars Tower report Last Mars Tower Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Your Mission is to defend Planet Mars from human invaders they are trying to overtake it. You have the last tower as a weapon to shoot enemies protect it. Your robot will assist you by collecting resources.
  • Ancient Planet report Ancient Planet Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Bastion of ancient civilization a keeper of galaxy wisdom is invaded by alien armies. Use powerful ancient technologies and defeat the attack of enemy armies
  • Giant Robot report Giant Robot Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Scientist build that robot fast or Martians will invade the Earth and take our natural resources
  • Monstre 3 report Monstre 3 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Destroy all evil monstres which has been invaded your lands
  • The Utans - Defender of Mavas report The Utans - Defender of Mavas Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Defend planet Mavas from invading aliens Build awesome towers to fend off the invaders Upgrade your Utans using magical seeds to make them tougher
  • Zuma under water report Zuma under water 7Age Hace 1 Año Time for a new zuma game only this time the action happens underwater where you must clear all the balls to move further.try to hurry because the balls are comming very fast and if you do not eliminate them you will get invaded and lose the game.Use your keyboard to play this game.
  • Tesla Defense report Tesla Defense Fizizi Hace 3 Años Tesla Defense is a wonderfull tower defense game full of upgrades and cool features. You need to defend against alien invasion with your tesla towers. Enjoy.
  • Ravens TD report Ravens TD 5Games Hace 3 Años Ravens TD is a game of defense and just defense. Ravens inva...
  • Techno Invaders report Techno Invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años Join this intergalactic gorilla on an action-packed trek through the outer cosmos.
  • meteors dancing invaders report meteors dancing invaders GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>The longer the invaders dance the more meteors fall to earth.&nbsp; Click on the blocks to match the meteors color.</p>
  • inkattack report inkattack GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Draw walls to keep you moving through endless waves of enemies.</p>\r\n<p>Use your mouse to draw a line (by clicking and holding). This will allow the ball to bounce off of something to avoid various enemies.</p>\r\n<p>Every wave you will have harder enemies and get more points.</p>\r\n<p>See if you can get the best rank!</p>
  • Pixel Arcade report Pixel Arcade GameKos Hace 2 Años Play a variety of classic-styled games in the Pixel Arcade!rnrnBouncernBrick BreakrnWorm FoodrnSpace HuntrnSeeing StarsrnrnArrow keys to move around, shift, enter, or space to do functions such as shooting, starting games, etc.
  • Ruby Star report Ruby Star GameKos Hace 2 Años Visit 20 planets in the galaxy and fend off waves of enemy invaders. Try to collect all coins to unlock the exit.rnrnControls:rnMouse = MovernLeft Mouse Button = Aim and shootrnSpacebar = Drop bomb
  • Invaders Zero report Invaders Zero GameGox Hace 2 Años an space invaders remake with a lot of new features, including ship upgrade and a challenging AI
  • Space Invade report Space Invade GameKos Hace 2 Años Space Shooter,Complete all levels by shooting all ships and beat the best time. Kill all enemys and do it with the lowest time to win.
  • Space Bugs report Space Bugs GameKos Hace 2 Años Space Bugs is a Space based Shooting Game. Your aim is to fly your space fighter and shoot down the invading hostile space bugs and clear them off, before advancing to the next level. The Bugs fly around in formations, they also shoot back, so avoid getting hit by the enemy bullets or you\'ll lose a life. You only have 3 lives in total. A tip is to hide in the bottom corners to avoid most of their bullets.
  • Chaos invaders report Chaos invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años So I was thinking hard about our generation of games and started wondering: what would be different about retro games, if they were released today?rnrnChaos Invaders is exactly that; Space Invaders for the 21st century. I\'ve taken the core mechanics of Space Invaders and twisted them into a chaotic experience filled with visual effects, different enemy types, Boss fights and more.rnrnUse the mouse to control your ship, and collect invaders as they plummet toward earth. rnShoot them back by holding the mouse button.
  • Doodle Galaxy Invaders report Doodle Galaxy Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Destroy The Invaders 2 report Destroy The Invaders 2 GameGox Hace 2 Años <p><span style=\"font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #414244; font-size: small;\"><span style=\"line-height: 16px;\"><span style=\"font-size: 11px;\">Our planet is under alien attack again! You are the only person who can stop it. Destroy all the invaders! Humans need you in five different locations. Go and save our planet.</span></span></span></p>rn<p><span style=\"font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #414244; line-height: 16px;\">There are three difficulty levels in each part. Target the aliens using your mouse and shoot. Do not shoot at the balloons in order to get the highest score!</span></p>
  • Match Invaders report Match Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Invaders are coming, you are the only one who can defend the planets and prevent distruction! Activate the plasma cannons to destroy the aliens ships and save the galaxy.
  • Ragdoll Invaders report Ragdoll Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Ragdoll Invaders Hordes of alien spaceships are invading the little ragdoll's planet.
  • Monster Invade report Monster Invade Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Vile Invaders report Vile Invaders Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Pillow - Vila 1 report Pillow - Vila 1 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Pillow is a great warrior. He will have to defend the villages of Blocks that had invaded Limbos skins. He has a loyal friend who will help in their missions.
  • Machiavellian Suns report Machiavellian Suns Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Diplomacy in space. Who can you trust Encounter alien races. Create alliances. Establish trade. Invade your enemies. Support your allies or will you betray them
  • Bulishor the Shooter report Bulishor the Shooter Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Bulishor is under attack. The crabs wants to invade Bulishors world. You must shoot as many crabs you can. But be aware the crabs are shooting also You can win or lose lifes.
  • The Last Stick report The Last Stick Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses You are the last of your kin of Stickman Swrdsman and you have to use your skills to defend the Kingdom from an horde of invading stickmen.
  • Wing Defender report Wing Defender Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses A classic take on every old flying arcade shooter. Theres been an invasion and its up to one brave pilot with a few extra lives to defeat the invaders. Do you have what it takes to stop the alien menace
  • Zombies invader 3 report Zombies invader 3 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses You have to shoot from the swarms of zombies. They very much. In the arsenal of grenades and have a shotgun.
  • Antix report Antix Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Another Zuma based game where you have to stop the invaders from reaching the exit by matching up group of three the same elements.
  • Uber Commando report Uber Commando Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses A combination of running and shooting game. A group of galactic invaders have landed in a remote jungle. You are a military commando. Your mission is to repel these invaders and save the Earth. Fight back against your enemies including lasergun wielding troops and alien spiders in this runandgun shooting game. Earn money to upgrade your heros weapons and skills.
  • Invasion of the Zombie Rogue Traders report Invasion of the Zombie Rogue Traders Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Shoot the hordes of rogue zombie builders plumbers and electricians invading your home.
  • Notepad Invaders report Notepad Invaders Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Another remake of the classic Space Invaders game. But whats the twist in this one you say No thanks.
  • Shatter the Fort report Shatter the Fort Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Prevent your Princess from getting it invaded by the Evil Spirits .Aim your Bows to death command yourself for Victory. All The Best Soldier
  • Bunny Invasion 2 report Bunny Invasion 2 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Bunnies horrid bloodthirsty bunnies are back again. Keep the pub safe from longeared invaders
  • Kendomasters report Kendomasters Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses After Tshirts War here is Kendomasters with the same Silly Dog. Silly Dog help to defend a school which is invade by the bad ones. Silly Dog is our hero a young and courageous dog armed with a katana.
  • S.T.A.R. Defence report S.T.A.R. Defence Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Setup defense satellites around your planet and defend it from invaders. A twist on defensive games.
  • Fortress Magnus report Fortress Magnus Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Use your fantastical flying castle to defend against waves of mechanical invaders and rescue the princess. Use coins to upgrade your firepower and bolster your defense.
  • Zoyaz Attack report Zoyaz Attack Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Earth is being invaded by evil aliens.Your mission is to shoot at alien spaceships to thwart their invasion attempts.
  • Rock and War report Rock and War Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Set up your base and defend off wave after wave of enemy invaders. Set out your generator men to harvest energy so you can create more units. Control your units moves get good and get upgrades.
  • Warrior Universe report Warrior Universe Like a Gamer Hace 2 Meses In Warrior Universe you are in the middle of a rough and dangerous space battle. You have a ton of weapons to use to shoot down the attacking alien ships that are invading.
  • Strange Invaders report Strange Invaders MiniPlay Hace 1 Mes Help the chosen one obliterate the invading space creatures! Move through the hexagons, hit groups of like-colored aliens and get rid of them. Good luck!
  • Rabbit Invaders report Rabbit Invaders MiniPlay Hace 1 Mes Pick carrots up and throw them at your enemies' spaceships. Protect the duck against the missiles in this version of Space Invaders.
  • Helinon report Helinon Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Polygon Battle report Polygon Battle Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Alien Invader report Alien Invader GameGox Hace 2 Años You can max out your speed and weapons. When that happens, the power ups will award 1000 points instead. You are the last ship defending the final barrier from the alien invaders. If your ship is destroyed, or the barrier is breached, game over. This is not a winning fight. The aliens have an endless legion. So rackup that kill count! Game is sponsored by Dhoola
  • Cosmic Invaders report Cosmic Invaders GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>They came from depths of space to enslave the Earth. They are ruthless and brutal. Do not be a coward. Protect our planet. Kill`em all.</p><br /><p>The classic game with new graphic design. 16 levels for the true defender of the Earth.</p><br /><p>Use arrow keys for move and spacebar for shooting.</p><br /><p><span><span>Good luck!</span></span></p>
  • The Man Who Saves The World report The Man Who Saves The World Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Far Hazard report Far Hazard Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Rune Invaders report Rune Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Alien Invader report Alien Invader Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Ark Invaders report Ark Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Creatuarcade Invaders report Creatuarcade Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Destroy The Invaders 2 report Destroy The Invaders 2 Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Too Poor To Survive report Too Poor To Survive JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Defend your home planet from aliens in this fun classic mash-up.
  • April And Booster VS Ultra Fleet report April And Booster VS Ultra Fleet JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Did you enjoy robot dinosaurs that shoot beams when they roar as much as we did? Here is April and booster VS Ultrafleet of the harvoc elite armada! A new crazy scrolling shooter with a kind of disneyland-girl theme, robots, laser beams and yellow ducks.
  • Alien Invaders report Alien Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Kill the invaders, space invader style!
  • Monsters In My Backyard report Monsters In My Backyard JoinGamer Hace 1 Año This is freaky strategy and insane micromanagement! Join our big purple monster as he battles to redeem his 3D world from 2D flatness! Battle through 3 major environments as farmers, robots and aliens attempt to swarm and capture you.
  • Celestica report Celestica JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Clean up these space junk punks with some serious blasting!
  • Cosmic Invaders report Cosmic Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año The classic game with new graphic design.
  • Shmup report Shmup 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • meteors dancing invaders report meteors dancing invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año The longer the invaders dance the more meteors fall to earth.
  • Sea Invaders report Sea Invaders JoinGamer Hace 1 Año space invader remake
  • Not Your War report Not Your War Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • B29 Survivor report B29 Survivor Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Gaxoc II: Evil Invader report Gaxoc II: Evil Invader Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Ace Invaders report Ace Invaders Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • SpaceDrag 2021 report SpaceDrag 2021 JoinGamer Hace 1 Año A fast and exciting race on the future streets, try your skill to go the furthest!
  • Planetary Wars report Planetary Wars JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Rebels have declared war and are busting out the big guns! It's up to you to save the planet!Shoot down your enemies and pick up supplies as you fly through the sky.
  • B29 Survivor report B29 Survivor JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Shoot down the enemies that are coming to destroy your mothership.
  • Fly Hard 2 report Fly Hard 2 JoinGamer Hace 1 Año After Druce builded the perfect rocket in Fly Hard another threat for Planet Earth arrived: the armada fleet of Planet X! Hopefully Druce Millis can sort things out before this invasion becomes troublesome.
  • Outpost Dedlaw report Outpost Dedlaw JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Fly your spaceship and shoot down all the incoming ships. Dodge them or shoot them, but don't crash.
  • The last one report The last one JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Space Invaders meets Breakout! Bounce back the balls, avoid the red lasers and compete for the high score.
  • Mana Collectors report Mana Collectors 8Shooter Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Retroacan report Retroacan Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Retrocan is an action platformer with an old school aesthetic. The whole city has been invaded by mysterious pixelated monsters so its up to Neek and his allies to save the day
  • The Towerman report The Towerman Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Relaxing game to spend some time throwing rocks protecting your tower from invaders. Protect from your invaders either on single player or with a buddy on a hot seat 2 player game of defense.
  • Hawx 2 - The 8 Bit Game report Hawx 2 - The 8 Bit Game Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Command your 8 bit mercenary pilot to defend the air space of your homeland against the invading hostile air forces.
  • The Lord of the Tower report The Lord of the Tower Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Once upon a time there lived an amiable folk in the small kingdom of Ukron ruled by a responsive and fair king. But the hard times came to the kingdom. A dark army under the command of Pukin invaded the peaceful lands and enslaved all their populace having deceived the people with a sweet honeycake. But not everyone submitted the invader. A brave volunteer corps gathered together and rebuffed the impure force. Help the soldiers build protective structures defend your king and the whole kingdom of Ukron.
  • Cowboys VS Aliens report Cowboys VS Aliens Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Defend Earth from invading aliens Ride on your horse and take on various flying alien enemies and collect the gold so you can upgrade you weapons
  • Christmas Defense report Christmas Defense Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses In the shooting game Christmas Defense you are Santa and you need to protect the presents under the tree against an invading Grinch army. Earn cash to buy new weapons and troops.
  • Brave Shorties 2 report Brave Shorties 2 Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses The miniheroes return Build an army by stacking different classes of heroes on top of each other Equip special artifacts activate powerful spells and find the best combinations and formations to repel the enemy invaders and free the land Sometimes you need a big stack of Shorties to stand tall
  • Windhawk report Windhawk Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Pilot a gyro copter armed to the brim with highly advanced military equipment. Deploy and use the robotic cannon to target and destroy enemy air force invading our air space.
  • Earth Invasion report Earth Invasion Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Destroy alien invaders by bouncing your shots off the walls You have many chances to save the earth.
  • Sparks of War report Sparks of War Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Place your turrets on corners and other high attack spots to take out the tower defense invaders.
  • Mean Girls: Carb Invader report Mean Girls: Carb Invader Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Avoid eating to much carb and just try calories.
  • Invaders report Invaders 5Games Hace 3 Años Robotic Invaders from outer future, are infiltrating our pla...
  • Invaderons report Invaderons GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Classic blast\'em up action -&nbsp;kill the aliens!&nbsp; Use the mouse to move and fire.</p>
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    72. Comida Rápida
    73. Compras
    74. Conducción
    75. Conectar
    76. Conejo
    77. Conflicto Armado
    78. Construcción
    79. Cookies
    80. Cool
    81. Corazones
    82. Correr
    83. Cortar
    84. Cowboy
    85. Craft
    86. Crecer
    87. Cricket
    88. Crimen
    89. Criminal
    90. Cristal
    91. Crucigrama
    92. Crush
    93. Cube
    94. Cuchillo
    95. Cuidado
    96. Cuidado De Niños
    97. Cultivar
    98. Cupcake
    99. Cupid
    100. Customize
  5. D

    1. Dado
    2. Damas
    3. Dardos
    4. Dash
    5. Daycare
    6. Decoración
    7. Defensa
    8. Delfín
    9. Delivery
    10. Demolición
    11. Dentista
    12. Deportes
    13. Derby
    14. Derrape
    15. Desierto
    16. Destruir
    17. Detective
    18. Devil
    19. Diamantes
    20. Dibujar
    21. Diferencia
    22. Dinamita
    23. Dinosaurio
    24. Dios
    25. Diseño
    26. Disparar
    27. Divertido
    28. Diving
    29. DJ
    30. Dominó
    31. Donut
    32. Dormitorio
    33. Dots
    34. Downhill
    35. Dragón
    36. Dress Up
    37. Drumming
    38. Dulce
    39. Dummy
  6. E

    1. Earn
    2. Edificio
    3. Educativo
    4. Ejército
    5. Elephant
    6. Emo
    7. Empollón
    8. Encontrar
    9. Enfadado
    10. Enfermera
    11. Enfermo
    12. Epic
    13. Equilibrio
    14. Equipo
    15. Escape
    16. Escuela
    17. Espacio
    18. Espada
    19. Espadas
    20. Espartano
    21. Espeluznante
    22. Espiar
    23. Estallido
    24. Estrategia
    25. Estrella Pop
    26. Evil
    27. Evitar
    28. Evolution
    29. Examen
    30. Excavador
  7. F

    1. Fábrica
    2. Fairy Dress Up
    3. Familia
    4. Fantasía
    5. Fantasma
    6. Fashion Show
    7. Feliz
    8. Ferrocarril
    9. Fiesta
    10. Firefighter
    11. Fireworks
    12. First Person Shooter
    13. Física
    14. Flight Simulator
    15. Flirting
    16. Flor
    17. Fluir
    18. FMX
    19. Forest
    20. Foto
    21. Francotirador
    22. Free Running
    23. Freecell
    24. Frenesí
    25. Friend
    26. Frog
    27. Fruta
    28. Fuego
    29. Fuerzas
    30. Fútbol
    31. Fútbol Americano
  8. G

    1. Galaxia
    2. Gángster
    3. Garra
    4. Gato
    5. Gema
    6. Gestión
    7. Gestión Del Tiempo
    8. Gigante
    9. Gimnasio
    10. Gladiador
    11. Globo
    12. Goalkeeper
    13. Goat
    14. Gold Mine
    15. Golf
    16. Gordo
    17. Grand
    18. Gravedad
    19. Grúa
    20. Guerra
    21. Guitarra
    22. Gusano
  9. H

    1. Habilidad
    2. Habitaciones
    3. Hablar
    4. Hada
    5. Hair Salon
    6. Halloween
    7. Hamburguesa
    8. Hamster
    9. Haunted
    10. Helado
    11. Helicóptero
    12. Héroe
    13. Hielo
    14. High School
    15. Highway
    16. Hockey
    17. Hockey De Mesa
    18. Hockey Sobre Hielo
    19. Hogar
    20. Hombre
    21. Hombre Lobo
    22. Hornear
    23. Horror
    24. Horse Racing
    25. Horse Riding
    26. Hospital
    27. Hotel
    28. Huevo
    29. Huída
  10. I

    1. Imán
    2. Imperio
    3. Indio
    4. Infierno
    5. Invasor
    6. Investigación
    7. Invierno
    8. Isla
  11. J

    1. Jardín
    2. Jeep
    3. Jefe
    4. Jelly
    5. Jet
    6. Jet fighter
    7. Jet Pack
    8. Job
    9. Joya
    10. Juegos De Mesa
    11. Jungle
  12. K

    1. Karate
    2. Kart
    3. Kick
    4. King
    5. King Fu
    6. Kitten
  13. L

    1. Laberinto
    2. Lanzamiento
    3. Lanzar
    4. Laundry
    5. Leyenda
    6. Limpiar
    7. Limpieza De Cutis
    8. Line
    9. Lion
    10. Lobo
    11. Loco
    12. Locura
    13. Lógica
    14. Lucha
  14. M

    1. Maestro
    2. Mafia
    3. Magia
    4. Mahjong
    5. Mamá
    6. Manager
    7. Manga
    8. Mania
    9. Manicure
    10. Mansion
    11. Manzana
    12. Maquillaje
    13. Mar
    14. Mariposa
    15. Masa
    16. Mascotas
    17. Massage
    18. Match 3
    19. Math
    20. Máxima Puntuación
    21. Mazmorra
    22. Mecanografía
    23. Médico
    24. Medieval
    25. Memoria
    26. Mente
    27. Meteorito
    28. Metro
    29. Militar
    30. Millonario
    31. Mina
    32. Mini
    33. Minigolf
    34. Misión
    35. Misterio
    36. MMO
    37. MMORPG
    38. Moda
    39. Moneda
    40. Money
    41. Mono
    42. Monster Truck
    43. Monstruo
    44. Montaña Rusa
    45. Moto Enduro
    46. Motocicleta
    47. Motocross
    48. Motosierra
    49. Muerto Viviente
    50. Multijugador
    51. Mummy
    52. Muñeca
    53. Muñeca De Trapo
    54. Música
    55. Mutant
    56. Mystic
  15. N

    1. Nadar
    2. Nail Salon
    3. Nave Espacial
    4. Navidad
    5. Navy
    6. Negocio
    7. Nieve
    8. Ninja
    9. Niños
    10. Novia
    11. Números Ocultos
  16. O

    1. Objetos Ocultos
    2. Off Road
    3. Oficina
    4. Ojo
    5. Olimpiadas
    6. Operación
    7. Oro
    8. Oso
    9. OVNI
  17. P

    1. Paciencia
    2. Paintball
    3. Pájaro
    4. Palabra
    5. Paliza
    6. Panda
    7. Pandémico
    8. Papa
    9. Paper Plane
    10. Para Niñas
    11. Paracaídas
    12. Paratrooper
    13. Pareja
    14. Parkour
    15. Pascua
    16. Patinaje
    17. Pato
    18. Pecho
    19. Pedo
    20. Pelea
    21. Pelo
    22. Pelota
    23. Peludo
    24. Peluquera
    25. Penalti
    26. Perrito Caliente
    27. Perro
    28. Pesado
    29. Pesca
    30. Phone
    31. Piano
    32. Pies
    33. Pig
    34. Piloto
    35. Pinball
    36. Ping Pong
    37. Pingüino
    38. Pintar
    39. Pipe
    40. Piraña
    41. Pirata
    42. Pistola
    43. Pixel
    44. Pizza
    45. Plaga
    46. Plan
    47. Planeta
    48. Planta
    49. Plasma
    50. Plataforma
    51. Playa
    52. Point & Click
    53. Poli
    54. Police Car
    55. Policía
    56. Poni
    57. Popcorn
    58. Portal
    59. Power
    60. Pregnant
    61. Primavera
    62. Prince
    63. Princesa
    64. Prisión
    65. Protect
    66. Prueba
    67. Prueba De Amor
    68. Puente
    69. Puppy
    70. Puzle
    71. Puzle Móvil
    72. Pyramid
  18. Q

    1. Quad
    2. Queen
  19. R

    1. Racing Car
    2. Rally
    3. Rampage
    4. Rápido
    5. Rat
    6. Ratón
    7. Rebotar
    8. Recoger
    9. Reino
    10. Remolque
    11. Rescatar
    12. Resort
    13. Restaurante
    14. Revólver
    15. Robot
    16. Rock
    17. Romántico
    18. Rome
    19. Rompecabezas
    20. Room Decoration
    21. Ropa
    22. RPG
    23. Rugby
    24. Runner
    25. Rush
  20. S

    1. Sailing
    2. Salón
    3. Saltar
    4. Samurai
    5. Santa
    6. Scramble
    7. Sendero
    8. Serpiente
    9. Servir
    10. Sheep
    11. Shoe
    12. Shoot 'Em Up
    13. Shootout
    14. Shot
    15. Simulación
    16. Sirena
    17. Skate
    18. Skull
    19. Skydiving
    20. Slacking
    21. Slice
    22. Smashing
    23. Snooker
    24. Snowball
    25. Snowboard
    26. Soccer
    27. Social
    28. Soldado
    29. Solitario
    30. Sopa De Letras
    31. Spa
    32. Speed Car
    33. Spelling
    34. Spider Solitaire
    35. Spot The Difference
    36. Star
    37. Stickman
    38. Store
    39. Story
    40. Strike
    41. Stunt Bike
    42. Stunt Driving
    43. Stunt Pilot
    44. Stunts
    45. Stylist
    46. Submarino
    47. Subsuelo
    48. Sugar
    49. Sumo
    50. Súper
    51. Superhéroe
    52. Supermercado
    53. Supervivencia
    54. Surf
    55. Sushi
    56. SWAT
  21. T

    1. Taco
    2. Tanque
    3. Tarta
    4. Tatuaje
    5. Taxi
    6. Teen
    7. Teeth
    8. Temple
    9. Tenis
    10. Tesoro
    11. Thief
    12. Tiburón
    13. Tic Tac Toe
    14. Tiger
    15. Tirador
    16. Tiro Libre
    17. Titán
    18. Toilet
    19. Tonto
    20. Tornado
    21. Torre
    22. Tortita
    23. Tortuga
    24. Tower Defense
    25. Town
    26. Toy
    27. Tractor
    28. Tráfico
    29. Train
    30. Trivia
    31. Troll
    32. Truck Parking
    33. Turbo
    34. Turnos
    35. Twins
    36. Tycoon
  22. U

    1. Unicornio
    2. Unity
    3. Uñas
    4. Urban
  23. V

    1. Vaca
    2. Vacaciones
    3. Valentine
    4. Vampiro
    5. Velocidad
    6. Verano
    7. Vestido
    8. Vida
    9. Vikingo
    10. Village
    11. Virtual
    12. Virus
    13. Volar
    14. Voleibol
    15. Vuelo
  24. W

    1. Warrior
    2. Wedding Cake
    3. Wedding Dress Up
    4. Western
    5. Wizard
    6. Word Search
  25. Z

    1. Zombi
    2. Zombie Shooter
    3. Zoo
    4. Zorro