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  • Station Wagun report Station Wagun 2-Play Hace 1 Año Hit explosive barrels while trekking across deadly mountains Your jackedup truck is armed with a powerful machine gun. You can fire an unlimited supply of ammo at all obstacles in your path. Drive through boxes for points and try not to tip over
  • Zombie Mall report Zombie Mall GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>IF THE GAME DOESN&rsquo;T WORK PROPERLY PLEASE DOWNLOAD NEWEST FLASH PLAYER</p>\r\n<p>Kill all the zombies that are coming your way inside a giant shopping mall.<br /> Instructions are also included in the first level.</p>\r\n<h3>Instructions</h3>\r\n<p>The game is played with the keyboard for moving and the mouse for aiming/shooting.<br /> <span class=\"caps\">WASD</span> or <span class=\"caps\">ARROWS</span> to move, 1,2,3 to change weapons.<br /> M &ndash; Music on/off<br /> N &ndash; Sound Effects on/off<br /> Q &ndash; Quality high/med/low</p>
  • Santa&#39;s Chimney Trouble report Santa&#39;s Chimney Trouble Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Create a chimney path for Santa so he can make it inside the house to give gifts.
  • Police Monster Truck report Police Monster Truck 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • The Knight\'s Tour report The Knight\'s Tour GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>There are two types of tour, open and closed. In a closed tour the knight returns to it\'s original starting point. In an open tour it does not. In this version, you will earn more points for a closed tour than an open tour.</p>\r\n<p>Squares will be dimmed after you visit them. To facilitate a closed tour, the first square you visit will be dimmed with a cross.</p>\r\n<p>If you are unfamiliar with the rules of chess, you may press the \'Show Legal Moves\' button to show all of your legal moves. There is no penalty for pressing this button.</p>\r\n<p>If you wish to take back a move at any time, you may press the \'Take Back Move\' button. The only penalty for pressing this button is the timer will continue to run.</p>
  • Bike Mania Arena 2 report Bike Mania Arena 2 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Bike Mania is back The ultimate in trail bike courses only for true champions
  • Crossy Path report Crossy Path 4J Hace 2 Meses Crossy path is a tricky and addictive html5 puzzle game to visual thinking and quick decisions. Your task is to control the small block reach the end red area of path. Test your four-dimensional space geometry. In the geometry of the game may not be able to exist in reality, but you only to find what your eyes see is not real. Time is limited, find your way through the levels? Can you quick thinking under pressure? Now play Crossy path for free! You will find tons of fun and charming geometric puzzles!
  • Causality 2 report Causality 2 Bored Hace 7 Meses Sequel to one of's smash hit fun games
  • Space Path report Space Path GameGox Hace 2 Años Crates full of goods lost in the space! rnrnAdjust your way to collect them all and avoid painful collisions with satellites... rnrnMake the best path to receive as much points as possible!
  • Ben 10 Trail Ride report Ben 10 Trail Ride Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • BackDoor- Door 2: The Job report BackDoor- Door 2: The Job Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Taking the offer of a mysterious person on the phone you now find yourself navigating the winding paths of a strange empty otherworld. These paths soon take you to a new world filled with danger robots and a job with intentions that are yet to be known.
  • Drive To Wreck report Drive To Wreck 7Age Hace 1 Año Drive a crane and wrecking ball to reach the finish You will trek across hilly terrain filled with obstacles. Swing the heavy wrecking ball to demolish structures in your path. You must stay balanced while avoiding falling rubble to survive
  • Burning Path report Burning Path 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Little Spiders Halloween report Little Spiders Halloween 7Age Hace 9 Meses Crawl to the creepy spiderweb In Little Spiders Halloween you must draw paths for the eightlegged bugs. There is a limited amount of building material in each level. The spiders will move along your paths automatically. Dont lead the bugs away from the web
  • Duck Boat report Duck Boat Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Help Roddy steer the duck and avoid obstacles in his path.
  • The Green V12 report The Green V12 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Park the green sports car as you navigate narrow paths. Watch for which way your front should face.
  • Defense Alien War report Defense Alien War Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses The games mission is to defend the galaxy planets from the space invading aliens. You are this galaxys last hope so do your best and defend the paths that lead to your base and to other planets. There are waves of spaceships rushing towards your base so build many types of towers to defend the well known path. Good luck and have fun
  • Desert drive game report Desert drive game Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Just check your driving skill with our game Desert drive. In this game first select your car from the show case then start driving. Your task is to carefully drive your car in the desert path without accident. Collect all the spanners on your path it will increase your health stamina and also collect all the coins it will increase your score. Finish all the levels and win the game.
  • Juniper Lee report Juniper Lee Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Do you like riding bicycles Now you can practice and improve your reflexes. Avoid the obstacles in your path it wont be easy but try it.
  • Adventures of the Little Boo report Adventures of the Little Boo Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses you need to help a little pirate called Boo escape from a futuristic island. You need to direct your flying ship avoiding various dangers. Every level starts when you place your mouse cursor over the white dot. Then youll need to move the cursor by the white path never crossing the edges of the white area.
  • Crusher. report Crusher. Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Destroy everything on your path.
  • Mountainbike 2007 report Mountainbike 2007 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • The Battle Path report The Battle Path GameKos Hace 2 Años Launch your attack and drive your army truck to the glory. Smash your enemies and shoot all of them to achieve your goal. Your main objective is to cross the battle path destructing everything comes in your way. Each level has a new assignment for you. Upgrade your guns for powerful attack. Choose your game mode in the beginning. You have three level of difficulty - easy, medium and hard. All the best Soldier.rnrnrnHelp :rnrnDrive with arrow keys.rnUse mouse to shoot enemies.
  • Fast Trax report Fast Trax GameGox Hace 2 Años Build a track from the start to finish in Fast Trax. Make sure to run down any animals in your way and collect bonus trophies along the way for extra points. Steer clear of gopher holes as you can\'t build through them.
  • Dark Roads Bike report Dark Roads Bike 2-Play Hace 1 Año Ride a motorcycle across completely dark roads This challenging motorbike game lets you control your own headlight. You can look ahead to spot new terrain and bombs in your path. Jump over the explosives and try not to crash in the dark
  • MysteriousPath report MysteriousPath GameKos Hace 2 Años Shoot the ball into the pocket. As you enter into the game the path through which the ball travels disappears immediately. You will have to maneuver the ball and shoot it into the pocket with out hitting the walls of the path. You will have three chances to get the ball into the pocket. As the ball hits the path of the walls for the fourth time the game will end.
  • Urban Mayhem Truck report Urban Mayhem Truck 2-Play Hace 1 Año Trek through the outskirts of the city in your monster truck Your powerful vehicle can crush nearly everything in its path. Drive quickly to soar through the air collect coins and smash police vehicles. Plow through 8 levels of urban monster truck mayhem
  • Powerpuff Girls Trail Blazer report Powerpuff Girls Trail Blazer 8iz Hace 8 Meses Collect the hears and avoid the obstacles in this action packed Powerpuff Girl themed game featuring all of your favorites.
  • Mole: The First Hunting report Mole: The First Hunting Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Dont cross your path as you try to eat all the food make it to the exit hole.
  • Monster Truck Trails report Monster Truck Trails BubbleBox Hace 4 Semanas You are a junior tester at the monster trucks factory. Get the best out of those monsters! Finish all the trials and enter your best scores in the shoutbox :)
  • Quad Bike: Trail King report Quad Bike: Trail King 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • Path of A Soldier report Path of A Soldier JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Follow the path of a soldier.
  • Diamond Connect Mania report Diamond Connect Mania Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Diamond Connect Mania identical Diamonds Puzzle Game. In this game you need to clear the board by matching identical Diamonds pairs. Each time you match 2 identical Diamonds they will be removed from the board and you will get 100 points for that. While connecting you must obey a simple rule which says that the path of connection between 2 identical Diamonds must not contain more than 2 turns.
  • Furballs! report Furballs! GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>\r\n<p style=\"margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica;\">Furballs is a quirky and fun action/puzzle game featuring colorful, fuzzy furball creatures, over 100 levels and dynamically generated music.&nbsp; New objects and weapons are introduced throughout the game including wildcard furballs, meteors, comets, satellites and more.&nbsp; After every five levels completed, the players gets to take a break and enjoy a short animation sequence.</p>\r\n</p>
  • Pairs Connect report Pairs Connect Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Pair connect is a flavor of mahjong game in which you eliminate all the items appearing on the board. At a time you can eliminate 2 identical items. For it you need to click them continuously. If there is a path between both items it will be checked that path should not have more than 2 turns. Once you successfully connect 2 items they will be removed from the board. To finish a level eliminate all the items before time runs out.
  • Park It: 3D School Bus report Park It: 3D School Bus 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • Airport Madness 4 Lite report Airport Madness 4 Lite 7Age Hace 1 Año Safely guide airplanes to clear runways Work as a skilled air traffic controller and find the safest and quickest flight path. Designate free runways to planes in the air and time each landing perfectly. Make sure every airplane lands safely
  • Spyro The Dragon - Path of Fire report Spyro The Dragon - Path of Fire Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Gumball Downhill Dash report Gumball Downhill Dash 7Age Hace 1 Año Go snowboarding with characters from The Amazing World of Gumball You can carve snowy streets with Gumball Darwin and Anais. Weave around stones fire hydrants and tires on the path. Zoom through stars for a speed burst in Gumball Downhill Dash
  • Christmas Connect 205 report Christmas Connect 205 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Clear the board of all Christmas items by connecting 2 identical items by clicking on each item. Once you successfully connect 2 items they will be removed from the board. To make a successful connection both items must be able to be connected by 1 line with a maximum of 2 turns. In other words the path of connection between 2 identical items must not contain more than 2 turns.
  • Iso Ball 2 report Iso Ball 2 7Age Hace 1 Año Use 3D tools to guide the Isoball into the hole Set up platforms ramps and other special tools as a guide. Then drop the Isoball from the wall and test your work Plan the perfect path to get the Isoball into the hole
  • Golden Trails: The New Western Rush report Golden Trails: The New Western Rush Mankiz Hace 3 Años Saddle up for fun and become a sheriff in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Use your Hidden Object talents to find the culprits behind a bank robbery, and bring them to justice. Play innovative minigames as you explore intriguing storylines and meet unique characters. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of the legendary Wild West, and catch the crooks in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. <ul> <li>Tons of locations to explore</li> <li>Awesome cast of characters</li> <li>Saddle up for fun!</li> <li>Check out our Blog Walkthrough</li> </ul> <a href="" title="Buy this game" target="_blank" class="buy_bigfishgame">Buy Game</a>
  • Axon report Axon Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Grow the plant as you quickly click the close circles to set the growth path.
  • Black Out report Black Out GameGox Hace 2 Años <p><strong>\"Who</strong> am I? <strong>Where</strong> am I? And more importantly, why are these psychopaths trying to <strong>murder</strong> me?\"</p><br /><p>In this interactive horror game, your fate is determined by the choices you make throughout the game. Find a way to escape the clutches of the murderers who are hunting you down. Experiment and find various endings to earn awards, which will reveal a secret message once all are earned.</p><br /><p><em><strong>How to Play</strong></em></p><br /><p>Click on options when they appear to watch your choices fall into play. If you see the border of the screen turn red, click quickly or it\'ll be too late.</p>
  • Fallen Empire report Fallen Empire Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Fallen Empire is a tower defense game set in a fantasy world. Build towers near the path to attack evil creatures that travel on the ground or in the air. Towers can be upgraded or converted from one type of tower to another. Dont let too many enemies reach the end of the path
  • Cricketer Premier League report Cricketer Premier League Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Cricketer Premier League. Pick your favourite premier league cricket team and beat everyone in your path.
  • Monster Truck Demolisher report Monster Truck Demolisher 2-Play Hace 1 Año Crush cars and perform tricks in a monster truck This arcade car game puts you behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle. You can plow through props cause explosions and crush everything in your path For extra points try performing flips in the air
  • Frosty Path report Frosty Path Gamesud Hace 2 Años In a snow-covered village was snowman which was unlucky, he lost his head and now he wants only conect again with his body. Overcome dangerous driving obstacles by snowman head and go through all the difficulties on the way to your body.
  • The Path of Hercules report The Path of Hercules JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Create matches of 3 or more as you make artifacts drop to the bottom. Has other mini games too.
  • Detonate bombs report Detonate bombs 7Age Hace 1 Año You Are equipped with several bombs that can destroy any building in their path. Your goal is to destroy the walls so that people in different buildings to be killed.Use mouse click places the bomb and detonate
  • Deadly Path report Deadly Path GameGox Hace 2 Años Build towers along the road, to destroy enemy units. All enemy units have both hitpoints and armor. Use towers with good percing to reduce enemy\'s armor. Sonic tower is very effective against enemies with huge amount of hitpoints but it\'s useless against swarm of small enemies. Choose any map you like, and try to survive through 40 waves of enemies. Use your starategic skills, while building towers along the road. It\'s not the game with 15 different towers, most of which are useless. Now, every tower type is important, enjoy!rnrnUse your mouse to select and build towers.
  • The Battle Path report The Battle Path Yomza Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Redneck Drift 2 report Redneck Drift 2 2-Play Hace 1 Año Join the adventure in Redneck Drift 2 where you have to race and clear your path driving at a high speed while shooting or avoiding obstacles and collect various bonuses.
  • Monster-Bus report Monster-Bus Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Make your way through the dark forest and reach the finish line. Gather all the fireflies and stay away from the evil eyes from the dark. Complete your quest and set the high score. Have fun with the bus and dont forget to amaze us with your driving skills. Nothing is better in the summer vacation than driving a monster school bus that can destroy everything in its path. Show us all what youre made of and drive the bus.
  • Your Choice Idle report Your Choice Idle Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Welcome to the Your choice idle. In this game you will need to build up your town and strengthen your empire. Choice your path to conquer the world
  • MotoCross Extreme 2 report MotoCross Extreme 2 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses acing fun is back now. Race all the tracks with your dirt bike and have extreme fun. Tracks are fill with deep curves and double ways will help to drive safer. You will face extreme challenge to drive all the paths safer and faster. Reach the destination without any crashes and collect all the coins. Motocross Extreme is an extreme bike racing game with loads of fun
  • Furballs! report Furballs! GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>\r\n<p style=\"margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica;\">Furballs is a quirky and fun action/puzzle game featuring colorful, fuzzy furball creatures, over 100 levels and dynamically generated music.&nbsp; New objects and weapons are introduced throughout the game including wildcard furballs, meteors, comets, satellites and more.&nbsp; After every five levels completed, the players gets to take a break and enjoy a short animation sequence.</p>\r\n</p>
  • The Polar Express report The Polar Express Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Click on the redgreen switches at each crossing to change the path direction. The train will follow the green path. Pick up train cars and pickups for points. Keep the train from running into obstacles and crashing into itself.
  • Super Trail report Super Trail 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Path Barrel report Path Barrel Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Navigate the barrel to the end of each level in this platform puzzle game.
  • Alexander - Dawn of an Empire report Alexander - Dawn of an Empire Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Keep the enemy from reaching your side as you send out equally strong troops along the same path.
  • Deadly Path report Deadly Path Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Red Driver 5 report Red Driver 5 2-Play Hace 1 Año Race down the busy streets of New York California and Puerto Rico Red Driver 5 challenges you with dozens of intense challenges. You can chase after the motorbike rider drive on the wrong side of the road and crush cars in your path. Finish the missions to unlock new features
  • Overlord II - Tower Defense report Overlord II - Tower Defense Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses The villagers have put up with your tyranny and casual violence for far too long. They found your castle and are revolting Deploy your minions along the path to end their sorry existences before they reach your tower. Next time theyll think twice about leaving their homes... or will they
  • Retro Rally on snow report Retro Rally on snow 7Age Hace 1 Año Challenge your friends to a rally on snow and show them youre the best You are very passionate about vintage cars so it will be a very interesting race Have funClick PLAY GAME Watch the instructions that appear and then click orunde left click to start the race. Machine automatically goes you just have to find them the right path with the mouse. Collect bounusurile appeared to put more speed
  • Bob The Thief report Bob The Thief GameGox Hace 2 Años <p>Collect all the money in the room. You have to find the shortest past as the steps are very limited. Beware of traps and distractions. You have to learn the room carefully before taking any action.</p>\r\n<p>There are normal and challenge Mode. The challenge mode gives you a more challenging Puzzle with more items to take and also more traps and obstacles.</p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Rail Pioneer report Rail Pioneer GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Quickly lay down railroad tracks to reach your destination! Build a track that snakes around obstacles. Use matches and explosives to clear trees and rocks from your path, but use them wisely as they take time to recharge. If your train goes off the rails it\'s game over.<br /><br />Controls:<br /><br />Use the mouse to select track pieces or tools (matches and explosives), then click in the game view to place them. You can also drag previously placed rail pieces, but you can\'t delete or remove pieces once they\'ve been taken from the menu.</p>
  • Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures report Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures GameKos Hace 2 Años Find the figurine pieces in this hidden object game that will lead us to a mountain of treasure!
  • Badger State Trail Jigsaw report Badger State Trail Jigsaw GameKos Hace 2 Años Put together three great pictures of the Badger State Trail in Wisconsin.
  • Badger State Trail Jigsaw report Badger State Trail Jigsaw Awky Hace 2 Años Put together three great pictures of the Badger State Trail in Wisconsin.
  • Bike Mania Arena report Bike Mania Arena 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • Forest Trail report Forest Trail 8Laps Hace 2 Años There's no description available
  • Path Of Honor report Path Of Honor Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Quad Bike: Trail King report Quad Bike: Trail King Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Bee Path Memory report Bee Path Memory Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Bee Path Memory report Bee Path Memory JoinGamer Hace 1 Año This naughty bee wants to reach its honeycomb, but it has short term memory loss problem.
  • Winnie The Pooh Balloon Trail report Winnie The Pooh Balloon Trail JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Help Pooh and Piglet follow the balloon trail! Clear the way by pushing the empty honey pots.
  • Star Trails report Star Trails JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Dodge the smaller stars.
  • Quebec 2 report Quebec 2 7Age Hace 1 Año Guide the sleepwalking character across the rooftops of Quebec This Snoozleberg adventure gives you the chance to save a mans life. Your job is to create a safe path across each building. You can move gutters puff chimneys and fix antennas
  • Don't Eat My Tractor report Don't Eat My Tractor 7Age Hace 1 Año Deliver milk and farm animals to the market without getting attacked by aliens Breed a healthy supply of pigs chickens and cows before loading them into your tractor. You must dash to the market as hungry extraterrestrials trail behind. Aliens hate milk
  • Bela Kovacs And The Trail Of Blood report Bela Kovacs And The Trail Of Blood Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Love Trail report Love Trail Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • ATV Free Trail report ATV Free Trail Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Wooden Path 2 report Wooden Path 2 Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Follow the Path report Follow the Path Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Musketeer Path report Musketeer Path JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Click on the items and use them in the proper spots to continue your Musketeer journey.
  • Industrial Site Stunts report Industrial Site Stunts 2-Play Hace 1 Año Drive a stunt motorbike across challenging industrial courses Your talented motocross rider must reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Balance back and forth and accelerate to conquer barrels and crates in your path. Jump to cross seemingly insurmountable obstacles
  • Extreme Truck Safari report Extreme Truck Safari Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses This a great 4x4 simulation game. You play as an off road driver in the middle of the dark forest. In order to pass the challenge you have to get all the items in the forest. There are some obstacles along the path you need to avoid or you will crash your car. Ohyou can also upgrade or buy another car for better performance
  • Wheely 4: Travel Time report Wheely 4: Travel Time Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Help Wheely travel through time by getting to the red flag. Click on Wheely to make him move and click on other things to clear his path. Can you can find the wheel and little car in each level
  • Ben 10 Bike Trail 2 report Ben 10 Bike Trail 2 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Ben 10 is on a motorbike riding through several trail levels. Some are easy but some are hard so thats why he needs your help. Make sure Ben wont fall.
  • Deadly Path: Desert Strike report Deadly Path: Desert Strike GameGox Hace 2 Años In this tower defense game you will have to unlock maps and towers while completing 40 levels with ascending difficulty. Each map has its own set of available towers, so you are forced to use different tactics every time. You can replay any map to improve your summary score.
  • Star Trails report Star Trails GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Dodge the small stars and their trails, and get bigger. Makes some neat patterns</p>
  • Path finding match3 report Path finding match3 Mankiz Hace 2 Años Move the items in order to create a horizontal or vertical row of 3 identical items. Use as less moves as possible for more score.
  • Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures report Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Bike Tricks Hawaii Trails report Bike Tricks Hawaii Trails Awky Hace 1 Año Race your dirt bike over the beaches of Hawaii, doing all sorts of flips, tricks and stunts. Can you manage the hoops of death where you need to drive the bike all the way through? Fighting gravity to do a vertical loop. Can you reach the logs, hitting that jump bottom and land without smashing your crosser into the ground?
  • Accurate Boy report Accurate Boy 7Age Hace 9 Meses Accuracy is the key to victory In this new puzzle game your mission is to maneuver special blocks and sink the ship. You can use suction powers to move around obstacles in your path. Try not to knock the ship away from the well
  • Path Barrel report Path Barrel 8Bob Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Warlords: Call to Arms report Warlords: Call to Arms Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Send out your soldiers on the right paths so that they encounter enemy troops. Take over the map
  • Wooden Path 2 report Wooden Path 2 Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Build wooden bridges across the river as you discover new lands Move the colored blocks on your path make use of magical rings teleporters and many other stuff to complete each puzzle. Have fun
  • Linx Easy Set report Linx Easy Set 7Age Hace 1 Año Complete mazelike puzzles on colored grids This new puzzle game will test your logic abilities. In each level you must draw a path from one color gem to another. However no paths can cross Find the clear path for every color to win
  • Great Eggscape report Great Eggscape GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Halfway through a \"tower attack\" and a mouse avoider, this light and lively game will get you through 12 sunny landscapes, where you will have to carry highly breakable eggs will avoiding getting shot by weird and deadly things. Going too fast is a sure way of losing control ; going too slow is an even worse idea. Use the mouse to click and drag. Check in-game instructions for details.</p>
  • Angel of Freedom report Angel of Freedom Awky Hace 2 Años Angel of Freedom is an unique puzzle game where you need to free all the animal from the cages of aliens. Aliens came to the earth and took away all the animals with them. The life cycle on the earth was interrupted badly. Kids were also sad because there was no animal. The angel of freedom decided to help and send a mighty statue of himself to you. Use this statue to get all the animals back.
  • Paths 2 report Paths 2 Zdoz Hace 1 Año There's no description available
  • Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures report Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Find the figurine pieces in this hidden object game that will lead us to a mountain of treasure!
  • Space Path report Space Path JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Logical and skill puzzle in space.
  • The Oregon Trail report The Oregon Trail MiniPlay Hace 1 Mes Enjoy this game released in 1971 and designed to teach children about the Oregon Trail pioneers back in the 19th Century. Control the leader of a wagon and manage to take a group to Willamette Valley in 1848. Hunt animals in order to get food and try not to get sick or get bitten by snakes. Have fun!
  • Chons Boxes report Chons Boxes Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Push the boxes and make your way to the exit door. Dont push them wrong or youll block your path.
  • Trap Hunter report Trap Hunter Like a Gamer Hace 3 Meses Similar to a tower defense game only this time you are setting up traps that effect the AIs path.
  • Path Finder report Path Finder Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Path Finder is a fun chain reaction puzzle game with thirty levels of increasing difficulty. Click on the arrows to change their direction. Click on the ball to launch. Any arrow key on keyboard changes ALL arrow rotation
  • Isoball X1 report Isoball X1 GameGox Hace 2 Años Overclock your brain with the most challenging Isoball game out there. 36 mind stretching levels, more than a dozen hidden achievements, a highly complex sandbox, and many other surprises to encounter along the way to keep you coming back for more!
  • Path Finding Match 3 report Path Finding Match 3 Awky Hace 2 Años This is a unique match 3 game where you will get the pair of match 3 items by shifting them from one location to another. First click an item to select it, and then click blank tile to shift the selected item to that tile. Shift the items in order to create a horizontal or vertical row of 3 identical items. There must be non diagonal path between the clicked blank tile and selected item. Use as less moves as possible for more score.
  • Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures report Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures GameGox Hace 2 Años Find the figurine pieces in this hidden object game that will lead us to a mountain of treasure!
  • Forest trails 5 Differences report Forest trails 5 Differences JoinGamer Hace 1 Año Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • Light Bikes report Light Bikes Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses The object of the game is to destroy the enemy light bike before you are destroyed. To do this you can force the enemy light bike to crash. You must avoid crashing into your own bike trail the enemy bike trail and the outer walls.
  • Wooden Path report Wooden Path MiniPlay Hace 1 Mes Connect the two riverbanks thanks to wooden bridges. There are thirty different stages, and some of them are really hard.
  • Trigger Path report Trigger Path 5Games Hace 3 Años Love puzzle games mixed up with a little bit of physics for ...
  • Mad Trucker 3 report Mad Trucker 3 2-Play Hace 1 Año Blast your way through a dangerous highway in a big rig Launch rockets and missiles at anything in your path. Blow up oncoming cars neighboring traffic and fighter jets Refuel and repair at special stations and own the highway war zone
  • tractor mania 2 report tractor mania 2 7Age Hace 1 Año If you like very much games with tractors then you should know that Tractor Mania is the newest game of its kind a game of tractors with trailers where you have to tow other tractors machinery and equipment merchandise and various other things. You drive the tractor and have to do it very well. Watch the cars trailed they are not supposed to be damaged at all. You can choose from several different performance tractors.With the arrow keys drive the tractor.
  • City Under Siege (Tower Defense) report City Under Siege (Tower Defense) GameKos Hace 2 Años <p>Your city is surrounded by zombies and there is nothing to do but survive the onslaught. With your modern machinery and intuitive strategies, you must prevent the zombies from entering your city.</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p><strong>Game Features:</strong></p>rn<p></p>rn<p><strong>3 Zones:</strong></p>rn<p>Each Zone has 3 Difficulties (Easy &ndash; Medium &ndash; Hard)</p>rn<p>Each Difficulty has 30 Waves</p>rn<p>Difficulty Increases as wave increases</p>rn<p>Total 3 Zones x 3 Difficulties = 9 Levels x 30 Waves = 270Waves</p>rn<p>Difficulty determines Enemy Health, Spawn Timer and Speed</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p><strong>10 Towers:</strong></p>rn<p>8 Land Towers</p>rn<p>1 Airplane</p>rn<p>1 Land Mine</p>rn<p>Keyboard Hot Keys to Control Towers Quickly (Zero to Nine)</p>rn<p>3 Levels of Tower Upgrades</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p><strong>13 Enemies:</strong></p>rn<p>10 Ground Zombie Enemies</p>rn<p>3 Flying Zombie Dragons</p>rn<p>Overtaking Zombies</p>rn<p>Path Finding AI &ndash; No fixed path &ndash; Place Towers Anywhere and Zombie will find path</p>rn<p>Auto Detect Patch Blocking and Prevent it</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p><strong>Miscellaneous Game Features:</strong></p>rn<p>Each turret has its own sound</p>rn<p>Interactive Tutorial</p>rn<p>Leaderboard</p>rn<p>9 Medals</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p><strong>Shared Objects</strong> &ndash; Game currently uses shared objects to save player score, unlocked levels and medals to user&rsquo;s computers in their flash cookies. Ensures players are not playing the same levels over and over again.</p>rn<p>&nbsp;</p>rn<p>This is a fun game with a lot of hard work. We would love to hear your comments/suggestions.</p>rn<p>We have created over 100 Flash Games. View our profile; we know what we are doing. We can integrate your API, localization and more.</p>
  • Connect and Reach report Connect and Reach Like a Gamer Hace 5 Meses Guide the car safely to its destination to move onto next level. Drag the Road pieces onto the grid to form a smooth and correct path. Drag the Bomb to the Road pieces to destroy the incorrect formation.
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A-Z de categorías de juegos gratuitos

  1. #
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. E
  7. F
  8. G
  9. H
  10. I
  11. J
  12. K
  13. L
  14. M
  15. N
  16. O
  17. P
  18. Q
  19. R
  20. S
  21. T
  22. U
  23. V
  24. W
  25. Z
  1. #

    1. 112
    2. 18 Wheeler
    3. 2 Jugadores
    4. 3D
    5. 4x4
    6. 8 Ball
    7. 9 Ball
  2. A

    1. Abeja
    2. Abuela
    3. Acción
    4. Ace
    5. Action 3D
    6. Actualización
    7. Acuario
    8. Adivinar
    9. Aeropuerto
    10. Age
    11. Agua
    12. Ahorcado
    13. Aim
    14. Air Force
    15. Air Strike
    16. Air Traffic
    17. Air War
    18. Aire
    19. Airline
    20. Airplane Parking
    21. Ajedrez
    22. Alienígena
    23. Alquimia
    24. Ambulancia
    25. Ambush
    26. Amor
    27. Anagrama
    28. Angel
    29. Animal
    30. Anime
    31. Ant
    32. Aparcamiento
    33. Apilador
    34. Araña
    35. Arcade
    36. Arcoiris
    37. Arena
    38. Arma
    39. Arquero
    40. Arrastrar
    41. Arte
    42. Ascensor
    43. Asfalto
    44. Asteroides
    45. Asylum
    46. Ataque
    47. ATV
    48. Aula
    49. Autobús
    50. Autobús Escolar
    51. Automóvil
    52. Aventura
    53. Avión
  3. B

    1. Baby Care
    2. Backgammon
    3. Bad
    4. Bádminton
    5. Bailar
    6. Baile De Graduación
    7. Bakery
    8. Ballet
    9. Baloncesto
    10. Banana
    11. Banda
    12. Baño
    13. Baño De Bebé
    14. Bar
    15. Barco
    16. Batalla
    17. Bath
    18. Battleship
    19. Beat 'Em Up
    20. Beauty Salon
    21. Bebé
    22. Béisbol
    23. Belleza
    24. Besar
    25. Bicho
    26. Bicicleta
    27. Bike Race
    28. Billar
    29. Billar Americano
    30. Bloques
    31. BMX
    32. Boda
    33. Bolos
    34. Bombardeo
    35. Bomber
    36. Bonito
    37. Bote
    38. Botes
    39. Bow & Arrow
    40. Boxeo
    41. Boyfriend
    42. Brain Training
    43. Brick
    44. Bruja
    45. Bunny
    46. Burbujas
    47. Bus Parking
    48. Buscar
    49. Búsqueda
  4. C

    1. Caballero
    2. Caballo
    3. Cabeza
    4. Caco
    5. Café
    6. Cafetería
    7. Caja
    8. Calle
    9. Camarera
    10. Cambio
    11. Cambio De Imagen
    12. Camión
    13. Camión De Bomberos
    14. Camping
    15. Campo De Batalla
    16. Canica
    17. Cañón
    18. Caos
    19. Capucha
    20. Car Parking
    21. Car Racing
    22. Caracol
    23. Cárcel
    24. Cargo
    25. Carrera De Camiones
    26. Carreras
    27. Carreras De Arrastre
    28. Carreras De Motor
    29. Carretera
    30. Carretilla Elevadora
    31. Carrot
    32. Cartas
    33. Cartoon
    34. Casa
    35. Castillo
    36. Catapulta
    37. Cazar
    38. Celebridad
    39. Cena
    40. Centro Comercial
    41. Cheerleader
    42. Cheese
    43. Chef
    44. Chicken
    45. Chicos
    46. Chocolate
    47. Choque
    48. Ciclismo
    49. Cielo
    50. Ciempiés
    51. Circuit Racing
    52. Circus
    53. Cirugía
    54. Citas
    55. City Racing
    56. Ciudad
    57. Civilización
    58. Clash
    59. Coche
    60. Cocina
    61. Cocinar
    62. Coger
    63. Cohete
    64. Coincidencia
    65. Collapse
    66. Colony
    67. Colorear
    68. Comando
    69. Combate
    70. Comic
    71. Comida
    72. Comida Rápida
    73. Compras
    74. Conducción
    75. Conectar
    76. Conejo
    77. Conflicto Armado
    78. Construcción
    79. Cookies
    80. Cool
    81. Corazones
    82. Correr
    83. Cortar
    84. Cowboy
    85. Craft
    86. Crecer
    87. Cricket
    88. Crimen
    89. Criminal
    90. Cristal
    91. Crucigrama
    92. Crush
    93. Cube
    94. Cuchillo
    95. Cuidado
    96. Cuidado De Niños
    97. Cultivar
    98. Cupcake
    99. Cupid
    100. Customize
  5. D

    1. Dado
    2. Damas
    3. Dardos
    4. Dash
    5. Daycare
    6. Decoración
    7. Defensa
    8. Delfín
    9. Delivery
    10. Demolición
    11. Dentista
    12. Deportes
    13. Derby
    14. Derrape
    15. Desierto
    16. Destruir
    17. Detective
    18. Devil
    19. Diamantes
    20. Dibujar
    21. Diferencia
    22. Dinamita
    23. Dinosaurio
    24. Dios
    25. Diseño
    26. Disparar
    27. Divertido
    28. Diving
    29. DJ
    30. Dominó
    31. Donut
    32. Dormitorio
    33. Dots
    34. Downhill
    35. Dragón
    36. Dress Up
    37. Drumming
    38. Dulce
    39. Dummy
  6. E

    1. Earn
    2. Edificio
    3. Educativo
    4. Ejército
    5. Elephant
    6. Emo
    7. Empollón
    8. Encontrar
    9. Enfadado
    10. Enfermera
    11. Enfermo
    12. Epic
    13. Equilibrio
    14. Equipo
    15. Escape
    16. Escuela
    17. Espacio
    18. Espada
    19. Espadas
    20. Espartano
    21. Espeluznante
    22. Espiar
    23. Estallido
    24. Estrategia
    25. Estrella Pop
    26. Evil
    27. Evitar
    28. Evolution
    29. Examen
    30. Excavador
  7. F

    1. Fábrica
    2. Fairy Dress Up
    3. Familia
    4. Fantasía
    5. Fantasma
    6. Fashion Show
    7. Feliz
    8. Ferrocarril
    9. Fiesta
    10. Firefighter
    11. Fireworks
    12. First Person Shooter
    13. Física
    14. Flight Simulator
    15. Flirting
    16. Flor
    17. Fluir
    18. FMX
    19. Forest
    20. Foto
    21. Francotirador
    22. Free Running
    23. Freecell
    24. Frenesí
    25. Friend
    26. Frog
    27. Fruta
    28. Fuego
    29. Fuerzas
    30. Fútbol
    31. Fútbol Americano
  8. G

    1. Galaxia
    2. Gángster
    3. Garra
    4. Gato
    5. Gema
    6. Gestión
    7. Gestión Del Tiempo
    8. Gigante
    9. Gimnasio
    10. Gladiador
    11. Globo
    12. Goalkeeper
    13. Goat
    14. Gold Mine
    15. Golf
    16. Gordo
    17. Grand
    18. Gravedad
    19. Grúa
    20. Guerra
    21. Guitarra
    22. Gusano
  9. H

    1. Habilidad
    2. Habitaciones
    3. Hablar
    4. Hada
    5. Hair Salon
    6. Halloween
    7. Hamburguesa
    8. Hamster
    9. Haunted
    10. Helado
    11. Helicóptero
    12. Héroe
    13. Hielo
    14. High School
    15. Highway
    16. Hockey
    17. Hockey De Mesa
    18. Hockey Sobre Hielo
    19. Hogar
    20. Hombre
    21. Hombre Lobo
    22. Hornear
    23. Horror
    24. Horse Racing
    25. Horse Riding
    26. Hospital
    27. Hotel
    28. Huevo
    29. Huída
  10. I

    1. Imán
    2. Imperio
    3. Indio
    4. Infierno
    5. Invasor
    6. Investigación
    7. Invierno
    8. Isla
  11. J

    1. Jardín
    2. Jeep
    3. Jefe
    4. Jelly
    5. Jet
    6. Jet fighter
    7. Jet Pack
    8. Job
    9. Joya
    10. Juegos De Mesa
    11. Jungle
  12. K

    1. Karate
    2. Kart
    3. Kick
    4. King
    5. King Fu
    6. Kitten
  13. L

    1. Laberinto
    2. Lanzamiento
    3. Lanzar
    4. Laundry
    5. Leyenda
    6. Limpiar
    7. Limpieza De Cutis
    8. Line
    9. Lion
    10. Lobo
    11. Loco
    12. Locura
    13. Lógica
    14. Lucha
  14. M

    1. Maestro
    2. Mafia
    3. Magia
    4. Mahjong
    5. Mamá
    6. Manager
    7. Manga
    8. Mania
    9. Manicure
    10. Mansion
    11. Manzana
    12. Maquillaje
    13. Mar
    14. Mariposa
    15. Masa
    16. Mascotas
    17. Massage
    18. Match 3
    19. Math
    20. Máxima Puntuación
    21. Mazmorra
    22. Mecanografía
    23. Médico
    24. Medieval
    25. Memoria
    26. Mente
    27. Meteorito
    28. Metro
    29. Militar
    30. Millonario
    31. Mina
    32. Mini
    33. Minigolf
    34. Misión
    35. Misterio
    36. MMO
    37. MMORPG
    38. Moda
    39. Moneda
    40. Money
    41. Mono
    42. Monster Truck
    43. Monstruo
    44. Montaña Rusa
    45. Moto Enduro
    46. Motocicleta
    47. Motocross
    48. Motosierra
    49. Muerto Viviente
    50. Multijugador
    51. Mummy
    52. Muñeca
    53. Muñeca De Trapo
    54. Música
    55. Mutant
    56. Mystic
  15. N

    1. Nadar
    2. Nail Salon
    3. Nave Espacial
    4. Navidad
    5. Navy
    6. Negocio
    7. Nieve
    8. Ninja
    9. Niños
    10. Novia
    11. Números Ocultos
  16. O

    1. Objetos Ocultos
    2. Off Road
    3. Oficina
    4. Ojo
    5. Olimpiadas
    6. Operación
    7. Oro
    8. Oso
    9. OVNI
  17. P

    1. Paciencia
    2. Paintball
    3. Pájaro
    4. Palabra
    5. Paliza
    6. Panda
    7. Pandémico
    8. Papa
    9. Paper Plane
    10. Para Niñas
    11. Paracaídas
    12. Paratrooper
    13. Pareja
    14. Parkour
    15. Pascua
    16. Patinaje
    17. Pato
    18. Pecho
    19. Pedo
    20. Pelea
    21. Pelo
    22. Pelota
    23. Peludo
    24. Peluquera
    25. Penalti
    26. Perrito Caliente
    27. Perro
    28. Pesado
    29. Pesca
    30. Phone
    31. Piano
    32. Pies
    33. Pig
    34. Piloto
    35. Pinball
    36. Ping Pong
    37. Pingüino
    38. Pintar
    39. Pipe
    40. Piraña
    41. Pirata
    42. Pistola
    43. Pixel
    44. Pizza
    45. Plaga
    46. Plan
    47. Planeta
    48. Planta
    49. Plasma
    50. Plataforma
    51. Playa
    52. Point & Click
    53. Poli
    54. Police Car
    55. Policía
    56. Poni
    57. Popcorn
    58. Portal
    59. Power
    60. Pregnant
    61. Primavera
    62. Prince
    63. Princesa
    64. Prisión
    65. Protect
    66. Prueba
    67. Prueba De Amor
    68. Puente
    69. Puppy
    70. Puzle
    71. Puzle Móvil
    72. Pyramid
  18. Q

    1. Quad
    2. Queen
  19. R

    1. Racing Car
    2. Rally
    3. Rampage
    4. Rápido
    5. Rat
    6. Ratón
    7. Rebotar
    8. Recoger
    9. Reino
    10. Remolque
    11. Rescatar
    12. Resort
    13. Restaurante
    14. Revólver
    15. Robot
    16. Rock
    17. Romántico
    18. Rome
    19. Rompecabezas
    20. Room Decoration
    21. Ropa
    22. RPG
    23. Rugby
    24. Runner
    25. Rush
  20. S

    1. Sailing
    2. Salón
    3. Saltar
    4. Samurai
    5. Santa
    6. Scramble
    7. Sendero
    8. Serpiente
    9. Servir
    10. Sheep
    11. Shoe
    12. Shoot 'Em Up
    13. Shootout
    14. Shot
    15. Simulación
    16. Sirena
    17. Skate
    18. Skull
    19. Skydiving
    20. Slacking
    21. Slice
    22. Smashing
    23. Snooker
    24. Snowball
    25. Snowboard
    26. Soccer
    27. Social
    28. Soldado
    29. Solitario
    30. Sopa De Letras
    31. Spa
    32. Speed Car
    33. Spelling
    34. Spider Solitaire
    35. Spot The Difference
    36. Star
    37. Stickman
    38. Store
    39. Story
    40. Strike
    41. Stunt Bike
    42. Stunt Driving
    43. Stunt Pilot
    44. Stunts
    45. Stylist
    46. Submarino
    47. Subsuelo
    48. Sugar
    49. Sumo
    50. Súper
    51. Superhéroe
    52. Supermercado
    53. Supervivencia
    54. Surf
    55. Sushi
    56. SWAT
  21. T

    1. Taco
    2. Tanque
    3. Tarta
    4. Tatuaje
    5. Taxi
    6. Teen
    7. Teeth
    8. Temple
    9. Tenis
    10. Tesoro
    11. Thief
    12. Tiburón
    13. Tic Tac Toe
    14. Tiger
    15. Tirador
    16. Tiro Libre
    17. Titán
    18. Toilet
    19. Tonto
    20. Tornado
    21. Torre
    22. Tortita
    23. Tortuga
    24. Tower Defense
    25. Town
    26. Toy
    27. Tractor
    28. Tráfico
    29. Train
    30. Trivia
    31. Troll
    32. Truck Parking
    33. Turbo
    34. Turnos
    35. Twins
    36. Tycoon
  22. U

    1. Unicornio
    2. Unity
    3. Uñas
    4. Urban
  23. V

    1. Vaca
    2. Vacaciones
    3. Valentine
    4. Vampiro
    5. Velocidad
    6. Verano
    7. Vestido
    8. Vida
    9. Vikingo
    10. Village
    11. Virtual
    12. Virus
    13. Volar
    14. Voleibol
    15. Vuelo
  24. W

    1. Warrior
    2. Wedding Cake
    3. Wedding Dress Up
    4. Western
    5. Wizard
    6. Word Search
  25. Z

    1. Zombi
    2. Zombie Shooter
    3. Zoo
    4. Zorro